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Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.6

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Alpha 0.15.6
Release date

iOS, Android, FireOS - August 10, 2016
Windows Phone, Windows 10, Gear VR - August 11, 2016

Alpha 0.15.6 was released to enable a massive suite of VR-specific features and fix some of the bugs and crashes in Alpha 0.15.4.[1]

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Windows 10 Edition Beta now supports Oculus Rift.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Better keyboard and mouse support when Oculus Rift is enabled.
  • Tweaked Windows 10 UI when in Oculus Rift mode for better usability.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

11 bugs fixed

  • Oculus platform launcher updated with localization handling fixes and correct Virtual Studio redistributable packages.
  • Audio now plays through user’s selected audio device.
  • The C button on the keyboard can now be used to switch between television mode and immersive mode.
  • Fixed some localization fonts for all editions.
  • Fixed a minor crash issue on Gear VR edition.
  • MCPE-10056 - Dismount is bound to wrong key
  • MCPE-11241 - Moving fuel into the furnace draws units from the first stack touched instead of from the one you tap
  • MCPE-15956 - XBox live "child" accounts cannot connect to realms server
  • MCPE-16038 - Missing Translations : achievement
  • MCPE-16168 - Redstone dust are not breaking in moving piston
  • MCPE-16445 - Zombies burn while it's raining during the day

References[edit | edit source]