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Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.1 build 1

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Alpha 0.15.1 build 1

Pocket Edition



Release date

June 14, 2016

Build for

Alpha 0.15.1

Protocol version


Alpha 0.15.1 build 1 is the first and only build version released for Alpha 0.15.1.



8 bugs fixed

From released versions before 0.15.0

  • MCPE-11833 – Top Snow Cannot Be Seen In Hand
  • MCPE-12281 – Enchantment Table, Furnace, Brewing Stand, Dropper, Hopper, and Dispenser not change their name when rename it with anvil
  • MCPE-12540 – Hopper texture bug
  • MCPE-13325 – dyed leather armor in dispenser changes to regular leather armor when dispenser is broken
  • MCPE-14303 – No Damage Taken When Standing On Cactus

From the 0.15.0 builds

  • MCPE-14521 – Undead/Passive mobs still alive when get hit by tipped arrows of healing/harming
  • MCPE-15266 – Player spawns in leaves after world creation
  • MCPE-15323 – When you ride a Skeleton Horse, in the below it says "action.hint.exit.SkeletonHorse"