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Pocket Edition Alpha 0.14.2

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Alpha 0.14.2
Release date

Android - April 26, 2016
iOS, FireOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Gear VR - April 27, 2016

Alpha 0.14.2 was an update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that fixed some bugs, with some changes. This is also the first full version of Minecraft: Education Edition.

The Gear VR Edition was released with this version.[1]

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Generating or Loading in a world now displays the message "Done!".
  • Fixed lag problems.
  • Version exclusive: New player burning animation.
  • Version exclusive: New entering nether portal animation.
  • Version exclusive: New suffocation animation
  • Fixed the heads inside droppers and dispensers looking like skeleton heads.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • New Inventory button design; grey
    • Most likely added to prevent the confusion of the Inventory button being an item in the Hotbar.
    • There is a bug while opening a inventory, the Hotbar will be small.
  • Version exclusive: Nether Brick now has a brighter texture.
  • Version exclusive: Lava has a new animation.
  • Version exclusive: The Camera item's data value is now 498 and is no longer functional.
    • There is code in the files of the game that shows that the interact button would now say "Take Picture".
  • New loading screen when joining a server.
  • Chat are now slightly different (start from health bar)
  • The minimum version you can have to play Minecraft on iOS is now iOS 6.0.
  • Options
    • Removed "Animated Water" setting.
    • Version exclusive: Added Anti-Aliasing option to Windows 10.
    • Version exclusive: Added Fancy Leaves option to Windows 10.
    • Version exclusive: Added Particle Render Distance option to Windows 10.
  • Re-added "Generating world" message while loading a world and server.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • MCPE-7613 – Stuck at generating world buliding blocks
  • MCPE-7858 – Massive Lag on Samsung Devices!
  • MCPE-9749 – Block placing range from where the player is standing is not consistent
  • MCPE-10016 – The text of the option-box does not match correctly into the box.
  • MCPE-10019 – Hotbar item title or description text overlaps the armor and water breathing bars
  • MCPE-10314 – Lines are visible between adjacent snow-covered and ice blocks.
  • MCPE-10445 – Weakness effect lasts after affect is gone
  • MCPE-10740 – Small graphical glitch in hunger bar
  • MCPE-11692 – Some 0.12 savegames are full of lag
  • MCPE-11713 – 0.13.1 (win10 beta) crashes on startup
  • MCPE-11752 – Brewing stand bug
  • MCPE-11824 – Force quit when items are in the Anvil or Enchantment Table deletes those items
  • MCPE-11931 – Inactive redstone torches behave as if they were opaque
  • MCPE-11943 – Trapped Chests Will Not Create Redstone Energy
  • MCPE-12392 – Multiplayer - Cannot connect to others after first time playing successfully
  • MCPE-12420 – Redstone dust not powering the correct blocks
  • MCPE-12502 – Weird artifacts when placing item frames on a vertical block (see screenshots)
  • MCPE-12517 – Title Screen Selections Stay Highlighted
  • MCPE-12718 – Colored text is not very synchronized with pocket edition
  • MCPE-12725 – Item frame signal strength starts in the wrong place.
  • MCPE-12981 – Redstone torch inverted ( burned , off) receives update when entering the world
  • MCPE-13136 – Enchanting overlay incorrect (Win10)
  • MCPE-13417 – Item travel very slow when using hoppers.
  • MCPE-13789 – Item Frames take a while rendering
  • MCPE-13862 – RESOLVED Magenta and Pink carpets are missing in creative inventory
  • MCPE-13892 – Holding Throwable Items Causes 'Rapid Fire' Effect on Levers, Doors Etc.
  • MCPE-14050 – Hoppers pointing at minecarts with chest sideways may fail to fill the cart
  • MCPE-14071 – When you shear one mooshroom, spawn two cows instead of one.

References[edit | edit source]