Pocket Edition Alpha 0.13.2

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v0.13.2 alpha

Pocket Edition

Release date

Android - February 3, 2016
iOS, FireOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 - February 4, 2016

Protocol version

Alpha 0.13.2 is an update to Pocket Edition that fixed bugs present in Alpha 0.13.1, and added a new skin pack.


Skin packs[edit]


  • Zombie's and skeleton's armor renders correctly again.
  • Zombie pigmen's hat layer now renders correctly.
  • Ghasts now open their mouths when attacking.
  • Wolves' collars now show their correct colors.
  • Arm is now animated with items correctly.
  • Fixed lag in the Nether.
  • MCPE-13148 – Unable to buy Journey To The West skin pack


A build of v0.13.2 alpha was accidentally uploaded to the Google Play Store on January 29, 2016. This build was known to cause numerous crashes.[1]