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Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1 build 3

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Alpha 0.12.1 build 3 is the third build released for Alpha 0.12.1.



14 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.12.1
  • MCPE-5541 – cant place pillar quartz blocks sideways
  • MCPE-8670 – World crashes on load
  • MCPE-9073 – Vegetation generates through structures
From the 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9315 – i cant display enchants on enchanted tool
  • MCPE-9345 – Black sky in flat worlds
From the previous development version
  • MCPE-9465 – Crash when use the anvil
  • MCPE-9483 – Unable to delete world from list and opening world causes game to crash
  • Fixed Anvil synchronization in multiplayer
  • After deleting a world, now it's correctly removed from the world list
  • When dying in the Nether you're correctly respawned in the Overworld
  • The D-Pad won't overlap the Toolbar anymore
  • Minecarts can be transferred to the Nether
  • Clients don't hear Magma Cubes
  • Held items animate while Invisible