Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1 build 13

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Alpha 0.12.1 build 13

Pocket Edition



Release date

September 1, 2015

Build for

Alpha 0.12.1

Protocol version


Alpha 0.12.1 build 13 is the thirteenth and final build released for Alpha 0.12.1.



  • Improved water climbing against a wall
  • Improved pathfinding of mobs inside fences
  • Changed some sounds volume
  • Better ordering on chunk scheduling
  • Added ghast sounds


10 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash when a client joins a suspended server
  • Fixed released button not going back to the unpressed state
  • Fixed placing flower pots on upside-down slabs and stairs
  • Fixed creating an old world glitching the edit menu
  • Fixed sounds not playing when player jumps on snow
  • Fixed nether portal not loading properly for clients
  • Fixed some rendering of items in third-person mode and other player hands
  • Fixed zombie walking sounds
  • Fixed fishing not working properly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bobber not disappearing on lava