Pocket Edition Alpha 0.10.5

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v0.10.5 alpha
Pocket Edition 0.10.5.png

Pocket Edition

Release date

Android - January 11, 2015
Fire OS - January 8, 2015

Protocol version


v0.10.5 alpha was released to fix some minor bugs in Alpha 0.10.4.[1] For Amazon devices, this version includes changes from 0.10.1, 0.10.2, 0.10.3 and 0.10.4. This version was not released for iOS or Windows Phone devices.


11 bugs fixed

From released versions before 0.10.5

  • MCPE-6685 - Local multiplayer not working
  • MCPE-6733 - Severe Crash Bug (Loses items in chest)
  • MCPE-6743 - Hostile mobs spin around when standing above them
  • MCPE-6800 - Multiplayer Minecart issue
  • MCPE-7070 - Chat crash
  • MCPE-7151 - Flying over the bed
  • MCPE-7161 - Random blocks that happen after crash.
  • MCPE-7251 - Birch wood on iOS is different on the top of the wood than Android.
  • MCPE-7268 - Inside of glass visible
  • MCPE-7799 - Noiré pattern render error on Tegra device

From the current version, hotfixed

  • MCPE-7981 - Wrong block selected when farming