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Pocket Edition 1.1.3

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Release date

July 6, 2017

Development versions

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1.1.3 is an update which provides some additions to the Nether as well as fixing crashing and improving stability.[1]


  • Adventure Time Mash-up Pack
  • Summer Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew
  • Wisteria Grove by Imagiverse
  • The Kingdom of Torchwall by Imagiverse
World generation


  • Relics of the Privateers (World)
    • Behavior Pack:
      • Updated the behavior files of remaining used mobs to 1.1.0 format
      • Fixed an issue with small crabs not moving or attacking
    • World:
      • Removed many extra colonials from Portalina and Brinewall to reduce lag
      • Removed many extra crab entities from around the giant crab
      • Thinned out many pirate encampments, for balance purposes
      • Some items left floating in the world removed
  • Updated resource and behavior packs are available on
  • All behavior components and AI goal parameters now appear in the documentation


  • Fixed several crashes and improved stability
  • The game will no longer crash when blocks are placed on the edge of old worlds


  1. "MCPE/WIN10/GEAR VR - 1.1.3" – Minecraft Feedback
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