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Pocket Edition 1.0.7

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1.0.7 header.png

Pocket Edition

Internal version no.

Release date

April 20, 2017[1]

Protocol version


Other instances
of 1.0.7

1.0.7 is an update to Pocket Edition that added the Fallout Mash-up pack.[1][2]


Mash-up Pack
  • Added the Fallout Mash-up pack.


  • Added a warning if a resource pack cannot find the textures list file.


  • MCPE-18027 The Wither is now one of the paintings that are obtainable
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a mob effect that doesn't exist is applied to a melee attack using Add-on.
  • Fixed the screen getting cut-off on smaller screens for the Redstone Mansion store description.
  • TNT no longer does damage to a player if the TNT is in water.
  • MCPE-20582 Fixed several skins on the Festive Mash-up pack that appeared corrupted.
  • MCPE-20369 After a world with a texture/resource pack is uploaded to a Realm, the texture/resource pack is again displayed correctly.
  • MCPE-12347 Crashes shouldn't cause you to lose a lot of your progress anymore.
  • Fixed the quartz slab in the Candy texture pack.
  • Minecarts no longer bounce indefinitely on slime blocks.


Video made by slicedlime: