Player.dat format/Player Heads

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    •  SkullOwner: The username of the player this is a skull of. This gets converted to the compound version on almost any action.
    •  SkullOwner: Different definition for the skull's owner.
      •  Id: UUID of owner, stored as four ints. Optional. Used to update the other tags when the chunk loads or the holder logs in, in case the owner's name has changed.
      •  Name: Username of owner. If missing or empty, the head appears as a Steve head. Otherwise, used to store or retrieve the downloaded skin in the cache. Need not be a valid player name, but must not be all spaces.
      •  Properties
        •  textures
          • : An individual texture.
            •  Signature: Optional.
            •  Value: A Base64-encoded JSON object.[1]
              •  timestamp: Optional: Unix time in milliseconds.
              •  profileId: Optional: The hexadecimal text form of the player's UUID, without hyphens.
              •  profileName: Optional: Player name.
              •  isPublic: Optional.
              •  textures
                •  SKIN
                  •  url: URL of a player skin on
                •  CAPE: Optional.
                  •  url: URL of a player cape (64x32 PNG).