Player.dat format/Maps

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    •  map: The map number.
    •  map_scale_direction: Only internally used when scaling a map, after that directly removed: The amount to increase the current map scale by when crafting. Always 1.
    •  Decorations: A list of optional icons to display on the map. Decorations that are removed or modified do not update until the world is reloaded.
      • An individual decoration.
        •  id: An arbitrary unique string identifying the decoration.
        •  type: The ID of the map icon to display.
        •  x: The world X position of the decoration.
        •  z: The world Z position of the decoration.
        •  rot: The rotation of the symbol, ranging from 0.0 to 360.0, measured clockwise. A rotation of 0 displays the icon upside-down compared to its appearance in the icon texture.
    •  display: The display tag.
      •  MapColor: The color of the markings on the item's texture.