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    •  display: Display properties.
      •  color: The color of the leather armor. The tooltip displays "Dyed" if advanced tooltips are disabled, otherwise it displays the hexadecimal color value. Color codes are calculated from the Red, Green and Blue components using this formula:
        Red<<16 + Green<<8 + Blue[1]
      •  Name: The JSON text component to use to display the item.
      •  Lore: List of strings to display as lore for the item.
        • A line of text for the lore of an item.
    •  HideFlags: Bit field determining which parts of the tooltip to hide on an item. 1 for "Enchantments", 2 for "AttributeModifiers", 4 for "Unbreakable", 8 for "CanDestroy", 16 for "CanPlaceOn", and 32 for various other information (including potion effects, "StoredEnchantments", written book "generation" and "author", "Explosion", "Fireworks", and map tooltips). For example, setting to 3 would hide both "ench" and "AttributeModifiers" tags, and setting to 63 would hide everything.
  1. For positive values larger than 0x00FFFFFF, the top byte is ignored. All negative values produce white.