PlayStation Vita Edition 1.84

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PlayStation Vita Edition

Release date

April 15, 2020

Other instances
of 1.84

1.84 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on April 15, 2020.[1] This was the final update for the PlayStation Vita Edition. It fixes bugs and removes the ability to transfer worlds to other versions.


  • Removed the ability to transfer PlayStation Vita worlds to other PlayStation editions.[2]


  • Fix for a crash that would occur when loading a world or exploring an existing world.[3]
  • Fix for salmon, pufferfish or tropical fish dropping cod when killed.[3]
  • Added fixes for crashing issues.[3]
  • Fixed issues with the recently released packs.[3]
  • Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.[3]
  • Fixed some players reported glitches.[3]
  • Fixed various other minor bugs.[3]

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