PlayStation 4 Edition 1.83

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Release date

December 18, 2018

1.83 was an update to PlayStation 4 Edition released on December 18, 2018, which added some features of the Village and Pillage update (equivalent to Bedrock Edition 1.8).



Mash-up packs
  • Added "The Nightmare before Christmas".
  • Added Expansion Pack 8, which contains six new trophies:
    • (Silver) Do a Barrel Roll – Use Riptide to give yourself a boost.
    • (Bronze) Marine Biologist – Collect any fish in a bucket.
    • (Silver) Ahoy! – Discover a Shipwreck.
    • (Bronze) Top of the World – Build a tower of Scaffolding that reaches the maximum build height.
    • (Bronze) Where Have You Been? – Receive a gift in the morning from a tamed Cat.
    • (Gold) Zoologist935 – Breed two Pandas with Bamboo.


  • Added cats as a seperate mob from ocelots.
  • Spawn in villages.
  • Can be tamed with fish.
  • Will scare off phantoms.
  • Eat bamboo.
  • Have complex genetics.
  • Have many types:
    • Lazy pandas – like to lie about just eating bamboo all day.
    • Weak pandas – sneeze gross slime and have less health than other pandas.
    • Worried pandas – are scared of thunderstorms and other mobs.
    • Aggressive pandas – hit harder and fight for their friends.
    • Playful pandas – enjoy rolling around and having fun.
    • Brown pandas – are rare and have unique looks.


  • Is new way to quickly build and climb buildings.


White, black, blue and brown dyes.
  • Have the same functionality that bone meal, inc sacs, lapis lazuli and cocoa beans had.



  • No longer turn into cats, but can still have their trust earned by being fed fish.


Cactus Green
  • Renamed to green dye.
Dandelion Yellow
  • Renamed to yellow dye.
Rose Red
  • Renamed to red dye.


Game Chat
  • Removed Game Chat and its option at the sound settings. Players must now use the console’s party chat if they want to do a voice chat.


  • Fix for crash that would occur while near snow biomes.
  • Fix for barrier block in the tutorial level.
  • Fix for crash that would occur when TNT blew up a fence post and a shulker box.