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Plants are Minecraft's representation of plant life and other stationary life forms. They do not move, but some can grow and spread under the right conditions. Most plants can be planted and farmed. The growth of some plants may be accelerated by using bone meal on them. Most plants occur naturally in the Overworld, with the exception of nether wart, chorus plants, and chorus flowers.

Types of plants[edit]


Icon Dec Hex Name Block name
Grass Block.png 02 2 minecraft:grass Grass Block
Oak Sapling.png 06 6 minecraft:sapling Sapling
Oak Log.png 17 11 minecraft:log Wood (Oak/Birch/Spruce/Jungle)
Leaves.png 18 12 minecraft:leaves Leaves (Oak/Birch/Spruce/Jungle)
Grass.png 31 1F minecraft:tallgrass Grass
Dead Bush.png 32 20 minecraft:deadbush Dead Bush
Dandelion.png 37 25 minecraft:yellow_flower Dandelion
Poppy.png 38 26 minecraft:red_flower Other Flowers
Brown Mushroom.png 39 27 minecraft:brown_mushroom Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom.png 40 28 minecraft:red_mushroom Red Mushroom
Wheat Crops.png 59 3B minecraft:wheat Wheat
Cactus.png 81 51 minecraft:cactus Cactus
Sugar Cane.png 83 53 minecraft:reeds Sugar Cane
Pumpkin.png 86 56 minecraft:pumpkin Pumpkin
Brown Mushroom Block.png 99 63 minecraft:brown_mushroom_block Huge Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom Block.png 100 64 minecraft:red_mushroom_block Huge Red Mushroom
Melon.png 103 67 minecraft:melon_block Melon
Seed Stem.png 104 68 minecraft:pumpkin_stem Pumpkin Stem
Icon Id Hex Name Block name
Seed Stem.png 105 69 minecraft:melon_stem Melon Stem
Vines.png 106 6A minecraft:vine Vines
Mycelium.png 110 6E minecraft:mycelium Mycelium
Lily Pad.png 111 6F minecraft:waterlily Lily Pad
Nether Wart.png 115 73 minecraft:nether_wart Nether Wart
Cocoa Plant.png 127 7F minecraft:cocoa Cocoa
Carrots.png 141 8D minecraft:carrots Carrots
Potatoes.png 142 8E minecraft:potatoes Potatoes
Leaves.png 161 A1 minecraft:leaves2 Leaves (Acacia/Dark Oak)
Acacia Log.png 162 A2 minecraft:log2 Wood (Acacia/Dark Oak)
Sunflower.png 175 AF minecraft:double_plant Double Plants (Flowers/Grass)
Beetroots.png 207 CF minecraft:beetroots Beetroots


Icon Dec Hex Name Item name

260 104 minecraft:apple Apple

295 127 minecraft:wheat_seeds Wheat Seeds

296 128 minecraft:wheat Wheat

338 152 minecraft:reeds Sugar Cane

360 168 minecraft:melon Melon

361 169 minecraft:pumpkin_seeds Pumpkin Seeds

362 16A minecraft:melon_seeds Melon Seeds

372 174 minecraft:nether_wart Nether Wart

391 187 minecraft:carrot Carrot

392 188 minecraft:potato Potato

394 18A minecraft:poisonous_potato Poisonous Potato

434 1C9 minecraft:beetroot Beetroot

435 18A minecraft:beetroot_seeds Beetroot Seeds

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