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This page is about planned versions of all editions of Minecraft. These updates either have major sources to their existence or have received development versions.

Note that only editions with known planned updates are listed here; if no known planned updates exist the edition is left out.

Java Edition

Combat changes

The combat system is planned to be reworked in a future update, keeping the cooldown but only allowing the player to attack when fully charged. It is not known yet when those changes will be made, as they are developed in parallel to other features and will make it into the game "when they're good enough". The update in which they are included will also not be a combat-themed update.[1]

Bedrock Edition


1.16.100 is an upcoming minor update to Bedrock Edition with no set release date, which adds new commands, more parity from Java Edition, revamps the achievement UI and bug fixes.[2]

RTX Update

RTX Ray Tracing capability using the RenderDragon rendering engine is planned to be added to Bedrock Edition in a future update. It will be available on Windows 10, using a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. It is not known yet when this will be implemented, but beta versions exist.[3]