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Pillager Outpost
Pillager outpost watchtower.png
Consists of

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Pillager Outposts are emerging all around the Overworld, preparing their attack. Some Pillagers even roam from biome to biome, looking for trouble! Are you ready to fight back?

A pillager outpost is an assortment of structures inhabited by pillagers.


Pillager outposts are semi-rare structures, generating every several hundred to couple thousand blocks.[1] This makes them rarer than villages[2] but less rare than woodland mansions.

Pillager outposts can generate naturally in any village-generating biome, including:

In Java Edition, pillager outposts never generate too close to, or within, villages. They can do so in Bedrock Edition, however.

In Java Edition, if an outpost spawns in the water or in the air (e.g., spawning near a savanna plateau), then a platform of grass (or sand), dirt, and stone spawns underneath it in a circular shape. This also applies to the smaller structures such as tents, targets, log piles, and cages. On occasion, the smaller structures still spawn in the air despite having a platform below them, depending on how high up they are.

In Bedrock Edition, pillager outposts generate with foundations similar to that of a woodland mansion; watchtowers use cobblestone, birch planks, and dark oak logs as their foundation, tents, and cages generate dark oak planks as their foundation, log piles use horizontal dark oak logs as their foundation, while targets generate cobblestone as a foundation.

The outpost tower generates each time. Up to 4 other smaller structures may spawn around the periphery of the main outpost structure.


PillagerFace.png IronGolemFace.png
Pillager Iron Golem
(spawns in cages, sometimes)

Iron golems spawn only during the generation of the outpost structures; however, both regular pillagers and pillager captains can continuously spawn in structures. In Java Edition they spawn in a 72x54x72 area centered on the 4th level of the watchtower, the same level as the chest. In Bedrock Edition they spawn at or below a particular location in the outpost; specifically they choose the northwest corner of the highest opaque block with a non-solid block on top.

Bad Omen[edit]

Upon killing an outpost captain, the player receives 1 level of the Bad Omen effect applied to them for 100 minutes (5 in-game days). Bad Omen has no effect unless a player enters a village. Should this happen, the effect is immediately removed from the player, and a raid spawns near the village after about 5 seconds. As pillager captains can spawn continuously around pillager outposts (albeit infrequently), this allows for the farming of the Bad Omen effect at times convenient to the player. Each outpost captain killed increases the level of Bad Omen by 1, up to a maximum of level 6.‌[Java Edition only]


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A pillager outpost consists of a 4 level watchtower with other smaller structures around it.

Structure blocks can be used to manually load pieces of the pillager outpost from the /data/minecraft/structures/pillager_outpost folder in minecraft.jar. To do so, set a structure block to Load mode, enter pillager_outpost/<structure_name>, and press LOAD.

Structure name Description Consists of Image
watchtower A large tower with a loot chest on the top level.

347 Dark Oak Planks
290 Birch Planks
207 Cobblestone
144 Dark Oak Log
48 Dark Oak Fence
45 Dark Oak Slab
33 Cobblestone Stairs
16 Dark Oak Stairs
8 Cobblestone Wall
4 Cobblestone Slab
4 Torch
1 Chest (random loot)

8 Illager Banner.png Ominous Banner[JE only]/Illager Banner‌[BE only]

Pillager outpost watchtower.png
feature_cage1 A wooden cage, which sometimes has an iron golem trapped inside.

24 Dark Oak Fence
12 Dark Oak Log
8 Dark Oak Stairs
4 Dark Oak Slab

Pillager outpost feature cage1.png
feature_cage2 Pillager outpost feature cage2.png
feature_logs A pile of dark oak logs. 21 Dark Oak Log Pillager outpost feature logs.png
feature_targets Two scarecrow-like targets. 6 Dark Oak Fence
2 Carved Pumpkin
2 Hay Bale
Pillager outpost feature targets.png
feature_tent1 A small tent made of wool, with a crafting table inside. 20 White Wool
10 Dark Oak Fence
1 Crafting Table
Pillager outpost feature tent1.png
feature_tent2 A small tent made of wool, with a crafting table and pumpkins inside. 20 White Wool
10 Dark Oak Fence
4 Pumpkin
1 Crafting Table
Pillager outpost feature tent2.png

Technical Structures[edit]

Structure name Description Consists of Image
watchtower_overgrown Generated with a structure integrity of around 0.03 on top of a regular watchtower to add random mossy cobblestone and vines into the build.

347 Dark Oak Planks
290 Birch Planks
207 Mossy Cobblestone
144 Dark Oak Log
113 Vines
48 Dark Oak Fence
45 Dark Oak Slab
33 Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
16 Dark Oak Stairs
8 Mossy Cobblestone Wall
4 Mossy Cobblestone Slab
4 Torch
1 Chest (random loot)

8 Illager Banner.png Ominous Banner[JE only]/Illager Banner‌[BE only]

Pillager outpost watchtower overgrown.png
base_plate This generates first, to mark the locations of both watchtowers and each outer structure, using jigsaw blocks. N/A Pillager outpost base plate.png
feature_plate The horizontal jigsaw block connects to the base plate to determine its own location, while the vertical jigsaw block connects to an outer structure. N/A Pillager outpost feature plate.png


In Java Edition, each pillager outpost chest contains items drawn from 4 pools, with the following distribution:

Stack Size Weight # Items Chance # Chests
0–1× 2–3× 1–3× 2–3× 0–1× 2–3× 1–3× 2–3×
Dark Oak Log 2–3115.000100.0%1.0
Crossbow 1110.500100.0%1.0
Wheat 3–57174.11872.5%1.4
Bottle o' Enchanting 17220.79560.9%1.6
Carrot 3–55172.94157.5%1.7
Potato 2–55172.57457.5%1.7
Arrow 2–74222.04539.1%2.6
String 1–64221.59139.1%2.6
Tripwire Hook 1–33220.68230.5%3.3
Iron Ingot 1–33220.68230.5%3.3
Enchanted Book[note 1] 11220.11411.0%9.1
  1. All enchantments are equally probable, except treasure enchantments, and any level of the enchantment is equally probable.


Java Edition
1.1418w47aAdded pillager outposts.
18w47bReduced the amount of pillagers that spawn around outposts.
18w50aOutpost captains can now spawn in outposts.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta pillager outposts, which are available only through Experimental Gameplay.
Pillager outposts generate with black banners on them.
1.11.0beta outpost now generate with gray banners on them.
Pillager outpost are rarer.
Outpost captains spawn in pillager outpost watchtower.
beta implemented pillager outposts, separate from Experimental Gameplay.
Pillager outpost now generate with pillager banner, instead of a gray banner.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.91Added pillager outposts.


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