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Piebald Pig
Piebald Pig.png
Health points





Height: 0.9 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks

Internal ID


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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.

’’A unique coloration for the discerning pig collectors.’’

Player Journal Description

The Piebald Pig is a passive mob that serve as a piebald variant of the pig found in Minecraft Earth.


Piebald pigs are an uncommon rarity found in pig tappables.


Piebald pigs are the piebald variant of the normal pig. Their whole body is cream-colored with a large brownish patch near their rear end, they have a small brown spot on top of their head and on three of their legs with two on their front left leg, and one on their hind left leg. They possess a dark brown tail and light brown hooves.


Like the average pig, piebald pigs have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, dodging lava and cliffs.


Minecraft Earth
0.17.0Piebald Pig.png Added piebald pigs.