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This scene of an ocean shows suspension particles generated by the water, as well as bubble particles from bubble columns.

Particles are special graphical effects in Minecraft that are created when certain events occur, such as explosions, rainfall, or smelting items in a furnace.


Particles are rendered as front-facing 2D sprites, meaning they always face the player. They disappear after a short animation, in which they may change sizes and rotate, and cycle between a number of animation sprites. They collide with solid blocks and are slowed by cobwebs, but are unaffected by other entities.

The /particle command can be used to create particles.

If a player uses the "minimal" particles option in the video settings, some particles may not appear.

Types of particles[edit]

The types of particles and their ID names are displayed below. Particles are namespaced with the prefix minecraft:.

Particle names marked with an asterisk (*) are shown when using the "minimal" particles setting. Bedrock edition particles currently do not show color if a specific particle has multiple colors. (Example is the note particle.) These particles will be marked with "!"

Java Edition
ID Name
Bedrock Edition
Description Example scenario
ambient_entity_effect (!) minecraft:mobspell_emitter Beacon effects. Particle mobSpellAmbient.png
angry_villager minecraft:villager_angry Attacking a villager in a village; when villagers can't breed because there aren't enough beds nearby. Particle angryVillager.png
barrier ? Barrier blocks. Particle barrier.png
block* minecraft:breaking_item_icon Breaking blocks, sprinting, iron golems walking. Particle blockcrack.png
blockdust Breaking armor stands, falling. Particle blockdust.png
bubble basic_bubble_particle_manual Entities in water, guardian laser beams, fishing. Particle bubble.png
bubble_column_up* minecraft:bubble_column_up_particle Upward bubble columns made by soul sand under water. Particle bubble column up.png
bubble_pop minecraft:bubble_column_particle The top of bubble columns. Particle bubble pop.png
campfire_cosy_smoke minecraft:campfire_smoke_particle Smoke produced by campfire. Campfire cosy smoke.png
campfire_signal_smoke minecraft:campfire_tall_smoke_particle Smoke produced by campfire when above a hay bale. Campfire Signal Smoke.png
cloud minecraft:water_evaporation_bucket_emitter After jumping into water while on fire in Bedrock Edition or an entity dies in Java Edition. Particle explode.png
composter minecraft:villager_happy Filling a composter. Composter Particle.png
crit minecraft:critical_hit_emitter Critical hits, fully charged bow shots, crossbows, evoker fangs. Particle crit.png
current_down* minecraft:bubble_column_down_particle Bubble column whirlpools made by magma blocks under water. Particle current down.png
damage_indicator* From mobs and players when hurt by a melee attack. Particle damageIndicator.png
dolphin minecraft:dolphin_move_particle

Trails behind swimming dolphins.

Particle dolphin.png
dragon_breath minecraft:dragon_breath_trail (or) minecraft:dragon_breath_lingering An ender dragon's breath and dragon fireballs. Particle dragonbreath.png
dripping_honey Dripping honey through blocks that haven't dripped down yet. Dripping Honey.png
dripping_lava driplava Dripping lava through blocks that haven't dripped down yet. Particle dripLava.png
dripping_water dripwater Dripping water through blocks, wet sponges, leaves when raining that haven't dripped down yet. Particle dripWater.png
dust minecraft:redstone_wire_dust_particle Redstone ore, powered redstone dust, redstone torches, powered redstone repeaters. Particle reddust.png
effect minecraft:splash_spell_emitter (!) Splash potions, lingering potions, bottles o' enchanting, evokers. Particle spell.png
elder_guardian* [not a thing yet in bedrock] (?) (isn't it an entity?) Elder guardians. Particle mobappearance.png
enchant enchantingtable From bookshelves near an enchanting table. Particle enchantmenttable.png
enchanted_hit Attacking with a sword or axe enchanted with Sharpness, Smite, or Bane of Arthropods. Particle magicCrit.png
end_rod minecraft:endrod (?) End rods, shulker bullets. Particle endRod.png
entity_effect minecraft:evoker_spell Status effects, lingering potions, tipped arrows, trading, withered armor (linger potion particles decrease when the "minimal" particle setting is used). Particle mobSpell.png
explosion* minecraft:large_explosion Explosions, ghast fireballs, wither skulls, ender dragon death, shearing mooshrooms. Particle largeexplode.png
explosion_emitter* minecraft:huge_explosion_emitter Explosions, ender dragon death. Particle hugeexplosion.png
falling_dust minecraft:falling_dust_red_sand_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_sand_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_gravel_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_top_snow_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_dragon_egg_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_concrete_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_scaffolding_particle Floating sand, gravel, concrete powder, and anvils. Particle unstable gravel.png
falling_honey Dripping honey through blocks that is dripping down in air. Falling Honey.png
falling_lava minecraft:lava_drip_particle Dripping lava through blocks that is dripping down in air. Falling Lava.png
falling_nectar Nectar on the pollen-loaded bees. Falling Nectar.png
falling_water water_splash_particle Dripping water through blocks that is dripping down in air and has fallen to the ground. Falling Water.png
firework* minecraft:sparkler_emitter (!) Firework rocket trail and explosion (trail is not shown when the "minimal" particle setting is used), when dolphins track shipwrecks and underwater ruins. Particle fireworksSpark.png
fishing minecraft:water_wake_particle Fishing. Particle wake.png
flame minecraft:basic_flame_particle Torches, furnaces, magma cubes, spawners. Particle flame.png
flash ? Flash light when firework rocket explodes. Flash Particle.png
happy_villager minecraft:villager_happy Bone mealing a crop, trading with villagers, feeding baby animals, walking or jumping on turtle eggs. Particle happyVillager.png
heart minecraft:heart_particle Breeding and taming animals. Particle heart.png
instant_effect minecraft:mobspell_emitter Instant health/damage splash and lingering potions, spectral arrows. Particle instantSpell.png
item minecraft:breaking_item_icon Eating, thrown eggs, splash potions, eyes of ender, breaking tools. Particle iconcrack.png
item_slime ? Jumping slimes. Particle slime.png
item_snowball ? Thrown snowballs, creating withers,creating iron golems. Particle snowballpoof.png
landing_honey Dripping honey through blocks that has fallen to the ground. Landing Honey.png
landing_lava ? Dripping lava through blocks that has fallen to the ground. Landing Lava.png
large_smoke minecraft:water_evaporation_actor_emitter Fire, minecart with furnace, blazes, water flowing into lava, lava flowing into water. Particle largesmoke.png
lava minecraft:lava_particle Lava. Particle lava.png

Burning entities, blazes for example.

Skeleton burning in sunlight.png
mycelium minecraft:mycelium_dust_particle Mycelium blocks. Particle townaura.png
nautilus nautilus Activated conduits. NautilusParticle.png
note note Emitted from note blocks and jukeboxes[Bedrock Edition only]. Particle note.png
poof* explode Explosions, death of mobs, mobs spawned from a spawner, silverfish infesting blocks. Particle cloud.png
? Creating snow golems Particle snowshovel.png
portal minecraft:mob_portal Nether portals, endermen, endermites, ender pearls, eyes of ender, ender chests, dragon eggs, teleporting from eating chorus fruits, end gateway portals. Particle portal.png
rain rainsplash Rain. Particle droplet.png
smoke smoke Torches, primed TNT, droppers, dispensers, end portals, brewing stands, spawners, furnaces, ghast fireballs, wither skulls, taming, withers, lava (when raining), placing an eye of ender in an end portal frame, redstone torches burning out, food items on campfire. Particle smoke.png
sneeze N/A Baby pandas sneezing. Particle sneeze.png
soul[upcoming: JE 1.16] Appears when walking on soul sand or soul soil with the Soul Speed enchantment. Particle soul.png
spit* Llamas spitting at a player or mob. Particle spit.png
splash watersplash Entities in water, wolves shaking off after swimming, boats. Particle splash.png
squid_ink* ink Produced by squid when attacked. Particle squid ink.png
sweep_attack* A sword's sweep attack. Particle sweepAttack.png


totem_of_undying minecraft:totem_particle Activated totem of undying. Particle talisman.png


underwater Seen whilst underwater. Particle suspended.png
witch witchspell Witches. Particle witchMagic.png

Particle textures[edit]

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The specific instructions are:
  • There may be multiple crit particles in bedrock edition
Texture files Applied colors Associated particles
Angry villager.png N/A angry_villager
Big smoke 0.png Big smoke 1.png Big smoke 2.png Big smoke 3.png Big smoke 4.png Big smoke 5.png Big smoke 6.png Big smoke 7.png Big smoke 8.png Big smoke 9.png Big smoke 10.png Big smoke 11.png N/A campfire_cosy_smoke, campfire_signal_smoke
Bubble.png N/A bubble, bubble_column_up, current_down
Bubble pop 0.png Bubble pop 1.png Bubble pop 2.png Bubble pop 3.png Bubble pop 4.png N/A bubble_pop
Crit.png some orangey color, exact value needed crit
Damage indicator.png N/A damage_indicator
Drip fall.png multiple, needs info falling_honey, falling_lava, falling_nectar, falling_water
Drip hang.png multiple, needs info dripping_honey, dripping_lava, dripping_water
Drip land.png multiple, needs info landing_honey, landing_lava
Effect 0.png Effect 1.png Effect 2.png Effect 3.png Effect 4.png Effect 5.png Effect 6.png Effect 7.png info needed - should be available elsewhere on the wiki ambient_entity_effect, effect
Enchanted hit.png some bluey color, hex needed enchanted_hit
Explosion 0.png Explosion 1.png Explosion 2.png Explosion 3.png Explosion 4.png Explosion 5.png Explosion 6.png Explosion 7.png Explosion 8.png Explosion 9.png Explosion 10.png Explosion 11.png Explosion 12.png Explosion 13.png Explosion 14.png Explosion 15.png
Explosion 0 BE.png Explosion 1 BE.png Explosion 2 BE.png Explosion 3 BE.png Explosion 4 BE.png Explosion 5 BE.png Explosion 6 BE.png Explosion 7 BE.png Explosion 8 BE.png Explosion 9 BE.png Explosion 10 BE.png Explosion 11 BE.png Explosion 12 BE.png Explosion 13 BE.png Explosion 14 BE.png Explosion 15 BE.png
N/A explosion_emitter, explosion
Flame.png N/A flame
Flash.png N/A? flash
Glint.png N/A composter, happy_villager
Glitter 0.png Glitter 1.png Glitter 2.png Glitter 3.png Glitter 4.png Glitter 5.png Glitter 6.png Glitter 7.png info needed totem_of_undying, Shulker bullet, End rods
Heart.png N/A heart
Lava (particle).png N/A lava
Nautilus.png N/A nautilus
Note (particle).png many colors, pitch dependent, info needed note
Smoke 0.png Smoke 1.png Smoke 2.png Smoke 3.png Smoke 4.png Smoke 5.png Smoke 6.png Smoke 7.png info needed cloud, dragon_breath, dust, falling_dust, large_smoke, poof, portal, smoke, sneeze, spit, squid_ink
Soul 0.png Soul 1.png Soul 2.png Soul 3.png Soul 4.png Soul 5.png Soul 6.png Soul 7.png Soul 8.png Soul 9.png Soul 10.png N/A soul
Soul fire flame.png N/A soul_fire_flame
Spark 0.png Spark 1.png Spark 2.png Spark 3.png Spark 4.png Spark 5.png Spark 6.png Spark 7.png info needed firework(only twinkle effect), Underwater Torch
Spell 0.png Spell 1.png Spell 2.png Spell 3.png Spell 4.png Spell 5.png Spell 6.png Spell 7.png info needed instant_effect, firework
Splash 0.png Splash 1.png Splash 2.png Splash 3.png N/A rain, splash
Sweep 0.png Sweep 1.png Sweep 2.png Sweep 3.png Sweep 4.png Sweep 5.png Sweep 6.png Sweep 7.png N/A sweep_attack

Particle IDs[edit]

Java Edition:

Namespaced ID


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Information requested: everything added in 1.16
Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-160052Added blockcrack.
Java Edition Indev
0.31 (January 25, 2010, 1)Added flame.
?Added bubble and Splash203.pngsplash.
February 12, 2010, 1LoafSplash.png Updated splash.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.1Added reddust, snowballpoof, largeexplode, and portal.
v1.0.4Updated splash.
Java Edition Beta
1.2Added note.
1.8Pre-releaseAdded crit, hugeexplosion, townaura, and depthsuspend.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Added magicCrit, spell, instantSpell, and mobSpell.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6Added "Particles" setting in the video settings.
?Added dripWater and dripLava.
1.4.212w32aAdded angryVillager and happyVillager.
12w38aAdded witchMagic.
1.4.4?Added mobSpellAmbient.
1.4.612w49aAdded fireworksSpark.
1.7.213w36aAdded wake.
Added falling particles.
1.814w04aAdded /particle command.
14w06aAdded barrier.
14w25aAdded droplet, take, and mobappearance.
14w27aFalling particles now move in a random direction.
14w31aThrown eggs now use the iconcrack particle, instead of the snowballpoof one.
14w34cThe void no longer produces depthSuspend particles.
1.915w31aAdded dragonbreath and endRod.
15w32cParticles are no longer handled as entities.
Particle range increased from 16 blocks to 32 blocks.
Particle count, limit of increased from 4,000 to 16,384.
15w34bAdded damageIndicator.
15w34cAdded sweepAttack.
1.1016w20aAdded fallingdust.
pre1fallingdust now collides with blocks.
1.1116w39aAdded spit and talisman.
16w39cRenamed talisman to totem
1.1317w47aDue to the flattening, particles now use namespaced, lowercase IDs, and 32 particles are renamed.
Removed footstep and depthsuspend.
Removed name for take.
Merged blockcrack and blockdust into block, and explode and snowshovel into poof.
18w07aAdded bubble_column_up, bubble_pop, current_down, and squid_ink.
18w09aOptimized particle rendering slightly.
18w15aAdded nautilus.
18w19aAdded dolphin.
pre7dripping_water particles are now generated by waterlogged blocks where appropriate.
dripping_water particles now snap to the hitbox of the block they appear on.
pre8dripping_water particles are no longer generated by impermeable blocks.
1.1418w43aAdded sneeze.
19w02aAdded campfire_cosy_smoke and campfire_signal_smoke.
19w06aParticles are now broken up into individual textures files per frame rather than being in particles.png.
1.1519w34aAdded dripping_honey, landing_honey, falling_honey and falling_nectar.
1.15.2pre1Changed crit particle texture from Crit Revision 1.png to Crit.png.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1620w11aAdded soul.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0Added blockcrack,[verify] flame, smoke, bubble, and watersplash.
0.3.2flame particles now appear near furnaces.
0.4.0Added crit and snowballpoof.
0.5.0Added reddust.
0.9.0build 1Added dripwater, townaura, heart, and portal.
0.10.0build 1Added fallingdust.
0.11.0build 1Added ink.
Added spell, mobspellinstantaneous, mobspell, and waterwake.
0.12.1build 1crit particles now appear when performing a critical hit.
portal particles now appear near nether portals.
Added villagerangry, largeexplode, hugeexplode, blockdust, slime, enchantingtable, rainsplash, and snowshovel.
build 8Changed largeexplode and hugeexplosion particle sprites.
build 9Particles are now visible through water.
Particles no longer appear darkened when inside a block.
0.13.0build 1Particles are no longer handled as entities.
reddust particles now appear near powered redstone.
Added villagerhappy.
Added note.
0.16.0build 1Added mobappearance.[verify]
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha endRod[verify] and dragonbreath.
1.0.4alpha particles now appear when trading.
1.0.5alpha can now be spawned with /particle.
alpha the /particle command.
1.1.0alpha spit and totem.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta fireworksSpark.
1.5.0beta dolphin.
beta nautilus.
beta bubble_column_up, bubble_popand current_down.
1.6.0beta barrier.
1.8.0beta the /particle command, which now temporarily summons particle emitters, instead of particle areas with volumes. The following can be summoned:
  • minecraft:mobflame_emitter
  • minecraft:test_beziercurve
  • minecraft:test_bounce
  • minecraft:test_catmullromcurve
  • minecraft:test_colorcurve
  • minecraft:test_combocurve
  • minecraft:test_highrestitution
  • minecraft:test_linearcurve
  • minecraft:test_mule
  • minecraft:test_smoke_puff
  • minecraft:test_sphere
  • minecraft:test_spiral
  • minecraft:test_watertest
Added sneeze.
1.10.0beta can now be edited using standard JSON formatting.
1.11.0beta campfire_cosy_smoke and campfire_signal_smoke.
1.14.0beta dripping_honey, landing_honey, falling_honey and falling_nectar.


Issues relating to "Particles" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • In Java Edition, most particle textures can be changed using resource packs, however, the color of smoke particles used in redstone, portals, and endermen cannot be changed without mods.
    • The dust particle has unique syntax used for color, represented with three RGB values as decimal percentages.
  • Status effect particles appear where the player face is pointing.
  • The elder_guardian particle always follows the player regardless of what its location has been set to.
  • Redstone repeaters emit particles, but redstone comparators do not.
  • In Bedrock Edition, burning entities emit rounded particles with a fire animation.
  • There is a particle that is internally used to implement the item pickup animation, but it cannot be summoned with the /particle command. Before the name was removed in 1.13, it was called take.