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A panda is an animal mob that resides in jungles.


Pandas spawn in groups of 1–2 in jungle biomes at the surface on grass blocks with a (minimum) two-block space above them at a light level of 9 or more, but are rarer than other jungle mobs. They spawn with a randomized personality, with the normal one being the most common and the brown variant being the rarest.

In Bedrock Edition pandas can spawn at light level 7 or above in jungle biomes and have a higher spawn rate in bamboo jungle biomes. 5% of pandas spawn as babies.


Pandas act similarly to other passive mobs; they wander aimlessly, avoiding falling off cliffs high enough to cause fall damage, and stay out of water or lava, unless they roll over an edge. They also move faster in water than other land mobs, similarly to polar bears. Pandas follow any player who is carrying bamboo and stop following if the player moves beyond approximately 16 blocks away. They also randomly whimper. Adult pandas seek out bamboo and cake items to eat.

Baby pandas sometimes sneeze, which rarely drops a slime ball and makes nearby adult pandas jump. They also occasionally roll over and jump around.

Pandas become aggressive when hurt. When hit, a panda panics for few seconds before trying to attack the attacker only once, similar to llamas.

Pandas can be ridden by baby zombie variants.‌[Bedrock and PlayStation 4 editions only].


A Playful panda rolling.

Pandas have different personalities: either normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive, weak, or brown.

  • Normal pandas:
    • Do not have unique personality actions.
  • Lazy pandas:
    • Lie on their backs.
    • Are slower than normal pandas, making them the slowest land mob in the game.
    • Do not follow a player who is holding bamboo while they're lying on their back.
  • Worried pandas:
  • Playful pandas:
    • Roll over and jump around even as adults.
  • Aggressive pandas:
    • Unlike other pandas, when hit, aggressive pandas attack the player and other mobs continuously until the target dies or goes beyond detection range. It also doesn't panic when harmed.
    • When nearby pandas are attacked, aggressive pandas become hostile toward the attacker.
    • Are very slow, but have reach rivaling that of the player.
  • Weak pandas:
    • Tend to sneeze more often as babies than regular baby pandas.
    • Have 10 health instead of 20.
  • Brown pandas:
    • Do not have unique personality actions, but are brown and white instead of the usual black and white.


The panda is the only animal to have extra breeding conditions. To enter love mode, there must be at least eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius of both pandas. Once that requirement is met, feeding them bamboo causes them to mate, producing a baby panda. If a panda is fed without a sufficient amount of bamboo nearby, it sits and eats the bamboo, but does not enter love mode.


Each panda has two hidden values called "genes" or "alleles"; similar to biology, there is a main gene and a hidden gene. Normal, aggressive, lazy, worried, and playful personalities are dominant traits, and weak and brown personalities are recessive traits. A dominant trait always has priority over a recessive trait. If both the main and hidden genes are dominant, the main gene has priority and presents itself as the panda's personality. Being recessive, weak and brown personalities occur if both the main and hidden genes of a panda are recessive genes. However, if the main gene is recessive and the hidden gene is not the same gene, then a normal personality results. To get a brown or weak panda, both the main and hidden gene must be both brown or weak.

When two pandas breed, each one passes one of their genes to their children, who then randomly mix both obtained genes as their respective main and hidden gene. There is also a 132 chance for each gene of the baby to mutate into another gene. Mutations have different probabilities to mutate into the different genes, these probabilities can be found in the table underneath. These mutation probabilities also apply to spawned (not bred) pandas for their main and hidden genes.

Mutated Gene Probability
Normal 516
Aggressive 116
Lazy 116
Worried 116
Playful 116
Weak 516
Brown 216

Panda Personality Hidden Gene
Normal Aggressive Lazy Worried Playful Weak Brown
Main Gene Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal
Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive Aggressive
Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy
Worried Worried Worried Worried Worried Worried Worried Worried
Playful Playful Playful Playful Playful Playful Playful Playful
Weak Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Weak Normal
Brown Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Brown


The different variations of pandas – from left to right: brown, lazy, worried, playful, weak, aggressive and normal.

The appearance of pandas depends on their personality:

  • Aggressive pandas have angry eyebrows.
  • Lazy pandas have a smiling face.
  • Weak pandas have teary eyes and snotty noses.
  • Worried pandas have 'puppy' eyes similar to tamed wolves.
  • Playful pandas have their tongues out.
  • Normal pandas have a frowning face.
  • Brown pandas have brown and white fur, and a frowning face.

Pandas are usually black and white, but there is a rare brown and white variant.


Upon death, adult pandas will drop:

Baby pandas have a chance of dropping 1 slimeball when they sneeze.

Like other baby animals, killing a baby panda yields no items or experience.

Data values[edit]

Pandas have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.




Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
ZoologistBreed two Pandas with bamboo.NoPS4YesNo40GGold


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Advancement-plain-raw.png The Parrots and the BatsBreed two animals togetherHusbandryminecraft:husbandry/breed_an_animal
Advancement-fancy-raw.png Two by TwoBreed all the animals!The Parrots and the BatsBreed pairs of each of these 14 mobs. Note: a trader llama does not count as a llama. In Java Edition 1.15,‌[upcoming] bees are also required for the advancement. Other breedable mobs, if any, are ignored for the advancement.minecraft:husbandry/bred_all_animals


April 9, 2012Dinnerbone states that he wants to add pandas into the game once he is "used to skinning and animating things".
December 18, 2013Dinnerbone again states that he wants to add pandas into the game.
September 26, 2018Pandas win a community vote to be the next mob added to Minecraft China.
September 29, 2018Pandas are announced at MINECON Earth 2018.
Java Edition
1.1418w43aPanda.png Lazy Panda.png Aggressive Panda.png Worried Panda.png Playful Panda.png Weak Panda.png Brown Panda.png Added pandas.
19w08aPandas can no longer have armor equipped onto them with a dispenser.
Naturally spawned pandas now have a 5% chance of being a baby.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0beta Lazy Panda.png Aggressive Panda Revision 1.png Worried Panda.png Playful Panda.png Weak Panda.png Brown Panda.png Added pandas.
beta sounds for pandas.
Pandas can now directly be given bamboo to breed them.
Aggressive pandas now deal more damage.
Pandas now sit and snack, even if they're scared or angry at the player.
beta aggressive panda texture has now been changed from Aggressive Panda Revision 1.png to Aggressive Panda.png.
All default pandas now bite once when attacked.
Aggressive pandas now defend other pandas.
Pandas now broadcast their anger to aggressive pandas.
Aggressive pandas now have more attack damage when killing nearby players.
beta now more quickly return to their normal behavior after following a player holding bamboo.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.83Panda.png Lazy Panda.png Aggressive Panda.png Worried Panda.png Playful Panda.png Weak Panda.png Brown Panda.png Added pandas.


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  • To create the in-game sounds for pandas, Mojang's lead sound designer, Samuel Åberg, went to Guangzhou, China, to record real-life pandas.[1]
  • Brown pandas are a real subspecies of the giant panda, known as the Qinling panda.
  • Pandas are the second type of bear to be added into the game, with the first being the polar bear.
  • The lazy panda is the slowest land mob in the game (not counting status effects such as slowness).
  • The rarest mob in Bedrock Edition is a baby husk riding a brown panda, which has a 2.88×10−13 chance (one in 3.472 trillion) of spawning.



  1. "Recording Panda sounds for Minecraft!" – October 9, 2018 – via YouTube