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Ocelots and cats are split into separate mobs in Java Edition 1.14[upcoming], Bedrock Edition 1.8, and PlayStation 4 Edition 1.83, so information on this page may not be applicable to all versions of the game.
Ocelot Revision 0.pngTuxedo Cat Revision 0.pngRed Tabby Cat Revision 0.pngSiamese Cat Revision 0.png
Baby Ocelot Revision 0.pngBaby Tuxedo Cat Revision 0.pngBaby Red Tabby Cat Revision 0.pngBaby Siamese Cat Revision 0.png
Health points

10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)

Attack strength

Chickens/baby Turtles Only: 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)


Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.6 Blocks
Height: 0.35 Blocks
Width: 0.3 Blocks


Ocelot: In Jungle Biomes, on Grass or leaf blocks that are above sea level, any light level.
Cat: Java: By taming an Ocelot with raw fish. Bedrock: Spawn in villages.

First appearances

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Kill Adult: 1–3
Breeding: 1–7

Internal ID

JE: 98
BE: 22

Entity ID


Ocelots are leopard-like passive mobs found in jungles.


Spawn cycle[edit]

Ocelots try to spawn on grass blocks at sea level or higher in jungle biomes. There is a 13 chance that a spawn attempt will fail. While ocelots are passive mobs, natural spawning considers the hostile mob cap rather than the much-lower passive mob cap.

When a wild ocelot spawns, there is a 17 (14.28%) chance that two ocelot kittens will also spawn with it; this chance includes any kind of spawning, including spawning naturally, by spawn egg, or by monster spawner.

If a player spawns an ocelot within 10 blocks of them in creative mode, the player must leave the range then re-enter if they wish to tame the ocelot.


Two cats with a newly bred kitten.

When tamed cats are fed an uncooked fish of any kind (only raw salmon and raw cod in Legacy Console Edition), they will enter love mode. Breeding will create a kitten, and the parents cannot be bred again until five minutes have passed. The kitten will have the coloring and belong to the owner of one of the parents. Two sitting cats are unable to breed, but a mobile cat can breed with a sitting cat, in which case the kitten's breed will always match that of the mobile cat's breed, and the mobile cat's owner will be the owner of the kitten.

The growth of baby cats can be slowly accelerated using raw fish. Each fish takes 10% off the remaining time to grow up. ‌[Java Edition only][until 1.14] There are three variations of domestic cats:

  1. Black tuxedo
  2. Siamese
  3. Red tabby

But with the new update there are various breeds.


Ocelots drop when they die:

  • 1–3 experience orbs when killed by a player or tamed wolf. Like other baby animals, killing a baby ocelot yields no experience.


Ocelots will attack chickens and baby turtles. They assume a "sneaking" stance and will stalk the animal before chasing it down. They can even kill through a fence or a door if they are against it.

Creepers will quickly avoid ocelots and cats. However, this will not deter them from chasing a player, only keeping the creeper 16 blocks away.

Ocelots are immune to fall damage, but will still avoid falling off cliffs high enough to normally cause fall damage.

Ocelots can still see players even with the Invisibility status effect.

With the exception of a faster movement rate, ocelot kittens obey the same behavior as adults.



An ocelot is a passive, "shy" mob which will not attack the player. Ocelots are one of the few mobs with the ability to sprint, and should the player approach too near one, it will sprint away if the player is in Survival or Adventure mode. If enclosed and unable to escape, they will stand still until an exit is made, after which they will quickly sprint through. Ocelots are very popular mobs, however they are quite difficult to tame.

Players can feed ocelots to gain their trust.‌[upcoming 1.14]



An ocelot can be tamed by attracting it to the player with an uncooked fish of any kind (only raw salmon and raw cod in discontinued Legacy Console Editions), and once fed the fish, the ocelot can turn into one of three colors/breeds of cat that will then follow the player.[until 1.14]

The player can only tame ocelots under the following conditions:[until 1.14]

  • The ocelot must be in "begging for food" mode, characterized by it looking at the player and slowly walking near to the player.
    • Entering "begging" mode requires that the player is within 10 blocks (Euclidean distance).
    • If the player is within 6 blocks, the ocelot will exit "begging" mode if the player turns too quickly or moves more than a tiny distance.
      • If the player is within 6 blocks when the ocelot starts begging, it is likely to decide the player turned too quickly and stop begging on the next game tick.
    • If the ocelot exits "begging" mode, it won't enter it again for about 15 seconds.
  • The ocelot must be within 3 blocks of the player.
  • When all of the above are met, there is still a 23 chance the ocelot will take the fish without becoming tame. It's possible to tell the difference between the 23 failure chance and not meeting the other conditions by whether the ocelot emits smoke particles when fed and by whether it can be fed again immediately.

The newly tamed cat will change to one of three breeds: tabby, tuxedo, or Siamese.

If the player fails to tame an ocelot, it will still show smoke particles. They will still go into breeding mode, and if there are two such ocelots in the area they will spawn a baby. If two ocelots are tamed and they are still in love mode as cats, they can be bred instantly.


A sitting cat.

Once tamed, cats will follow the player who tamed them. They will no longer be afraid of players, will purr or meow frequently, and will no longer attack chickens. Like wolves, and with the same limits, they can teleport to a player who moves too far away. Players can make cats sit by pressing use on them, and they will also sit on certain things of their own accord (see below).

Cats sitting on a bed.

Unless commanded to sit, cats do not remain still for long, and would rather explore around the player.

Cats not already sitting will attempt to get on top of chests, the foot part of beds, or active furnaces at the cat's current Y level within an 8-block square horizontally, and once on top will often assume a sitting position without a command from the player. Only Chests will become unusable due to a cat sitting on top of them, even double chests. Cats will often sit in nearby boats, trapping themselves. Cats that sit on their own will not get up on command, but will get up if the player holds a fish nearby. The cat can also be brought down by removing the block or pushing it off. A cat will not attempt to sit on these blocks if they are at ground level (part of the floor), or if there is a block above them.

A cat sitting in proximity to the player will, if the player is harmed by a hostile mob (or by careless use of a damaging potion, but not by environmental damage), stand and move from its sitting location a few blocks and then resume sitting, such that the player will need to place the cat again.


Cats will teleport to the player if they are more than 12 blocks from the player, with a few exceptions.

  • It is possible for a tamed cat to teleport to an inaccessible location (e.g. under ice) and be injured or suffocate of various causes as a result.

A cat will not teleport:

  • If the cat has been ordered to sit.
    • Exception: The cat is likely to teleport if it is injured while sitting (it will no longer be sitting after it teleports). A dramatic example is if a cat sitting outside is struck by lightning, in which case it will be on fire when they appear.
    • Exception: If a kitten is told to sit, and grows up while the chunk it is sitting in is still loaded, it will teleport to the player and still be sitting when it appears.
  • If the cat is in a minecart.
  • If the cat has been attached to a fence post with a lead.
  • If the cat is in an unloaded chunk.
  • If none of the blocks on the edge of a 5×5×1 region centered on the player are transparent blocks with an opaque block below and another transparent block above.
  • If the player is in another dimension; a cat will remain in its current dimension until the player returns.

Data values[edit]

See also: Chunk format

Ocelots have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob. Their entity ID is ocelot.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
Lion TamerTame an Ocelot.‌[Legacy Console Edition only] / Gain the trust of an Ocelot.‌[Bedrock Edition only]YesYesYesYes15GBronze


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Advancement-plain-raw.pngThe Parrots and the BatsBreed two animals togetherHusbandryBreed a pair of one of these 11 mobs. Other breedable mobs, if any, are ignored for the advancement.[until 1.14].
Breed a pair of one of these 12 mobs. Other breedable mobs, if any, are ignored for the advancement.‌[upcoming 1.14]
Advancement-plain-raw.pngBest Friends ForeverTame an animalHusbandryTame one of the 5 types of mob that are tamable.[until 1.14]
Tame one of the 5 types of mob that are tamable.‌[upcoming 1.14]
Advancement-fancy-raw.pngTwo by TwoBreed all the animals!The Parrots and the BatsBreed pairs of each of these 11 mobs. Other tamable mobs, if any, are ignored for the advancement.[until 1.14]
Breed pairs of each of these 13 mobs. Other tamable mobs, if any, are ignored for the advancement.‌[upcoming 1.14]


Note: This video is outdated as ocelots can no longer be tamed.[upcoming 1.14]


Java Edition
1.2.1 12w04a Ocelot Revision 0.pngRed Tabby Cat Revision 0.pngTuxedo Cat Revision 0.pngSiamese Cat Revision 0.png Added ocelots. They are very difficult to tame, and have a debug message appear when they spawned.
12w05a Taming ocelots is now easier.
The debug message for taming ocelots has now been removed.
Tamed cats can now be sat down by pressing "use item" control.[1]
Ocelots and cats have now both became immune to fall damage.
Ocelots and cats will now frighten creepers.
12w06a Ocelots and cats will now have sounds.
Cats will now try to jump on a bed if one is present.
1.2.4 Jeb has now made cats "more realistic... probably more annoying".[2] They will now sit on not only beds, but also active furnaces and chests.
1.4.2 ?Spawning an ocelot will now have a chance of spawning two kittens as well.
1.5 ?Kittens will now sometimes despawn upon becoming adults. This can be prevented by feeding them a fish once they are an adult.
1.6.1 ?Ocelots will now spawn much more frequently.
1.8 14w02a Baby cat growth can now be accelerated using raw fish.
14w10a Cats named using a name tag will now display death messages to the owner.
1.8.2 pre7 Ocelots will now spawn at above sea level, rather than a constant Y=63.
1.9 15w38a All cats – even unnamed cats – will now display death messages to their owner.
1.10 16w20a A cat spawn egg has now been added, which will spawn ocelots with cat textures.
pre2 The cat spawn egg has now been removed.
1.11 16w32a The entity ID is changed from Ozelot to ocelot.
1.13 18w07a Ocelots will now seek and attack baby turtles.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w44a Ocelots and cats have now been split into their own separate mobs.
Ocelot.png The ocelot's texture has now been changed.
Ocelots can now no longer be tamed.
Ocelots can now gain trust for the player by being fed fish.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.12.1 build 1 Ocelot Revision 0.pngRed Tabby Cat Revision 0.pngTuxedo Cat Revision 0.pngSiamese Cat Revision 0.png Added ocelots and cats.
build 2 Added tame button for ocelots.
0.14.0 build 1 Baby zombie jockeys will now check for nearby adult ocelots to mount prior to attacking the player, villager, or golem.
0.15.0 build 1 Baby husk can mount ocelot.
0.16.0 ?Untamed ocelots will now have idle sounds.
Bedrock Edition
1.5 beta Ocelots will now seek and attack baby turtles.
1.8 beta Ocelots and cats have now been split into their own separate mobs.
Ocelots can now no longer be tamed.
Ocelots can now gain trust for the player by being fed fish.
Legacy Console Edition
TU12CU11.0Patch 1Ocelot Revision 0.pngRed Tabby Cat Revision 0.pngTuxedo Cat Revision 0.pngSiamese Cat Revision 0.png Added ocelots and cats.
TU13Added sound for hitting ocelots and cats.
TU141.04Baby ocelots and cats can now be spawned by using Left trigger/L2/ZL button on an adult form of that mob using a spawn egg.
TU31CU191.22Patch 3Baby cat growth can now be accelerated using raw fish.
Legacy Console Edition
PS4.svg 1.83Added cats as a seperate mob from ocelots.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0 Added ocelots.


Issues relating to "Ocelot" or "Cat" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • Ocelots are the first mob created by Jon Kågström, an AI specialist who worked with Jens Bergensten on Minecraft.[3] Jens created the texture for the ocelot, as Jon had trouble doing so himself.[4]
  • The tuxedo cat is based on Jeb's pet cat, Newton,[5] who has unfortunately passed away.[6]
  • In real life, cats are known for their ability to flip upright during a fall, particularly larger ones; though they still might be injured by landing. This fact is reflected in Minecraft because they take absolutely no fall damage.
  • Cats will occasionally fail to follow the player through a door or gate and instead stand within a few blocks of the door, but will still teleport to the player if they go beyond the usual 12 block range.
  • Cats will hiss if attacked by a player.