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The treasure chamber

The ocean monument is constructed entirely from variants of prismarine and lit by sea lanterns. It includes a large central section flanked between two wings. Under the monument are 23 giant pillars that stretch to the ocean floor. The main entrance is located at the front of the central section. The size of the monument is 58 x 58 blocks wide and 23 block tall (not including the pillars).

The central section consists of various types of chambers forming a randomly-generated maze. The chambers connect vertically and horizontally to the different parts of the monument, including the left and right wings. In the topmost room and in each wing reside elder guardians. In the back of the central section lies the treasure chamber, a tall room with eight gold blocks encased in dark prismarine.

Room types[edit]

Certain rooms in the monument contain wet sponges

The basic unit in the monument is an 8×8×4 small room. The larger rooms, excluding the penthouse and wings, are made of combinations of these smaller rooms.

  • Wings extend from the front of the body of the monument, and connect via a passageway around the bottom of the body of the monument. One wing has a large room with a pillar, while the other consists of a large open area. Each wing contains an elder guardian.
  • The penthouse is in the very top of the monument, and contains an elder guardian.

  • The core is made up of 2×2×2 basic units, and contains 8 gold blocks wrapped in dark prismarine.

  • The entry room is always at the bottom front center, opening to the ocean outside the monument.

No exits

All possible exits

  • DXY rooms, 2×1×2 basic units, have two hollow pillars coming up with openings in each facing the top-center and four sea lanterns at corners beneath the openings.

No exits

All possible exits

  • DYZ rooms, 1×2×2 basic units, are largely open rooms with a 2×2 pillar made of dark prismarine and sea lanterns in the middle. Openings in the top of the left and right walls have a ledge with a frame around the potential lower openings.

No exits