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Night Vision
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Namespaced ID
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Night Vision is a status effect that primarily enhances the player's ability to see in darkness. It allows the player to see clearly underwater as well.


Allows the player to see the world as if every block had a light level of 15.


Cause Potency Length Notes
Potion of Night Vision I 3:00
Potion of Night Vision (extended) I 8:00
Splash Potion of Night Vision I 3:00
Splash Potion of Night Vision (extended) I 8:00
Lingering Potion of Night Vision I 0:45
Lingering Potion of Night Vision (extended) I 2:00
Arrow of Night Vision I 0:22
Arrow of Night Vision (extended) I 1:00
Conduit Power Indefinite Area effect 32–96 blocks radius from an activated conduit, depending on activation level.
Suspicious Stew I 0:05 Must be made with Poppy
Suspicious Stew I 0:07-0:10 Found in shipwreck supply chests
Traded from expert farmer villagers[JE only]

Immune mobs[edit]

Only boss mobs are immune to Night Vision.[needs testing] While not immune, all other mobs are unaffected by Night Vision as it is purely visual.


  • The screen flashes for 10 seconds before the effect wears off.
  • If used in the End, everything appears tinted pink.
  • If combined with Blindness or used in the Void[JE only], the screen becomes entirely black.[1]
  • If submerged in lava, the screen appears bright orange.

Data values[edit]


Potion Namespaced ID[JE only] Numeric ID‌[BE only]
Night Vision night_vision 5
Night Vision (extended) long_night_vision 6
Effect Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Night Vision night_vision 16


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Advancement-fancy-raw.png A Furious CocktailHave every potion effect applied at the same timeLocal BreweryHave all of these 13 potion effects applied to the player at the same time.minecraft:nether/all_potions
Advancement-fancy-raw.png How Did We Get Here?Have every effect applied at the same timeA Furious CocktailHave all of these 26 effects applied to the player at the same time.minecraft:nether/all_effects


Java Edition Beta
1.8?Added night vision. Not yet functional.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2Potions which grant the Night Vision effect are added. It still doesn't function
Milk now clears the night vision effect.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3No longer has an associated potion.
1.4.212w34aAdded golden carrots and brewable night vision potions.
1.915w31aAdded the Arrow of Night Vision.
?Potions no longer use damage values to determine their effect, the effects moved to the Potion NBT.
1.1418w43a Changed effect icon texture.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0build 1Added Night vision, which was unobtainable at the time.
0.12.1build 1Night vision can now be obtained from Potion of Night Vision and from splash potion variants.
0.15.0build 1Added the Arrow of Night Vision.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha lingering potion of night vision.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta Changed effect icon texture.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.13.0beta vision can now be obtained from suspicious stew.