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This page is about features that were included in New Nintendo 3DS Edition, but are dummied out of the game. Many of these were originally part of Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.4, from which the New Nintendo 3DS Edition is derived.

Blocks & Items[edit]

For the following blocks and items, except for the Stonecutter, only textures have been found so far. It is possible that they themselves may exist within the game files, but it has not been determined whether or not this is the case.


The map and empty map items were removed from the New Nintendo 3DS Edition as the Touch Screen UI has a map instead. Despite this, the textures still exist.

Glowing Obsidian[edit]

Textures for Glowing Obsidian, a block which was also dummied out of PE Alpha 0.15.4, exist within the game files.

Nether Reactor Core[edit]

Textures for the Nether Reactor Core, a block which was also dummied out of PE Alpha 0.15.4, exist within the game files.

info update[edit]

The default texture pack contains references to the two "info update" unused blocks from Pocket Edition. Their texture is also included in all texture packs.


The default texture pack contains references to reserved6, an unused block in Pocket Edition, which is set to have the info update block texture.


Like in Pocket Edition, the Stonecutter is obtainable in creative mode only and is just used for decorative purposes.

Skin packs[edit]

The game files contain all of the skin packs that were in PE Alpha 0.15.4, including some which are unavailable in-game on 3DS: City Folk, Town Folk, Halloween Costumes, Minecraft Story Mode, and Villains.


As in PE Alpha 0.15.4, the default Minecraft texture pack contains some textures for things that were not in the game yet (such as written books), and the City and Plastic texture packs have even more (such as elytra and armor stands).


  • Data relating to Microsoft HoloLens and virtual reality is in the game files, which only exists as a carryover from Pocket Edition's data.
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