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This item has been officially made unobtainable.
It can still be obtained using third-party software. However, this can cause unexpected behavior such as bugs and crashes.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition, New Nintendo 3DS Edition and Pi Edition.
Nether Reactor Core
Nether Reactor Core.pngInitialized Nether Reactor Core.pngFinished Nether Reactor Core.png



Yes (64)


Blast resistance





Yes (unknown)





Catches fire from lava


The nether reactor core is a block that cannot be crafted. It can be obtained only by using an inventory editor plus add-ons or mods.


Nether reactor cores are currently unobtainable except through inventory editing or add-ons. It is not available through commands or Creative.


Mining a Nether Reactor Core using a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch yields the same drop as an unenchanted pickaxe.


The Nether Reactor core being used in a Nether Reactor.

This block was used to create a Nether Reactor, which would transport the player into a tower made of netherrack known as the Nether Spire. Zombie pigmen would spawn within and various items such as quartz and glowstone would appear.

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID Translation key
Nether Reactor Corenetherreactor
NameSavegame ID
Block entityNetherReactor

Block data[edit]

See also: Data values

In Bedrock Edition, nether reactor cores use the following data values:

DV Description
0 Nether Reactor Core
1 Initialized Nether Reactor Core
2 Finished Nether Reactor Core

Block entity[edit]

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  • Block entity data
    •  id: NetherReactor
    •  x: X coordinate of the block entity.
    •  y: Y coordinate of the block entity.
    •  z: Z coordinate of the block entity.
    •  HasFinished: True when the reactor has completed its activation phase, and has gone dark.
    •  IsInitialized: True when the reactor has been activated, and has turned red.
    •  Progress: Number of ticks the reactor has been active for. It finishes after 900 game ticks (45 seconds).


Pocket Edition Alpha
0.5.0Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Initialized Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Finished Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Added nether reactor cores.
Nether reactor cores could be crafted with the following recipe:

Nether reactor cores could be used to create Nether reactors.
0.12.1build 1Nether reactor cores no longer have a function due to the addition of the Nether.
Nether reactor cores now drop 6 iron ingots and 3 diamonds.
Nether reactor cores have been removed from creative inventory.
Nether reactor cores no longer make Nether reactors.
Nether reactor cores can no longer be crafted.
0.15.0build 1Nether Reactor Core.png Initialized Nether Reactor Core.png Finished Nether Reactor Core.png The default textures of nether reactor cores have been switched with the one in the plastic texture pack. This is possibly a bug.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Initialized Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Finished Nether Reactor Core Revision 1.png Added nether reactor cores, which are unused.


Nether reactors are an unsupported block and as such issues relating to them may not be fixed.[1]

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