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Name Tag
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Yes (64)

Data value*

dec: 420 hex: 1A4 bin: 110100100

Namespaced ID*


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Name tags, as you might guess, allow you to name an animal or mob in Minecraft. The only creatures you can't name, in fact, are other players and the Ender Dragon. Players already have names, after all, and the Ender Dragon? Well, let’s just say that uttering its true name would unleash a destructive force that would obliterate not only the End, but the Nether and the Overworld at the same time. Probably best to let that one lie.

Duncan Geere[1]

A name tag is an item used to name mobs in the world.


Chest loot[edit]

Name tags can be found in 28.3% of dungeon chests, 42.3% of chest minecarts in Mineshafts, and 28.3% of woodland mansion chests, all in stacks of 1.

In Bedrock Edition, they can be found in 27.9% of woodland mansion chests and 34.3% of buried treasure chests in stacks of 1.


Name tags can be caught from fishing as part of the treasure category with a 14% chance after the 5% chance of being a treasure catch. The chance of catching treasure increases with the Luck of the Sea enchantment.


Master-level librarian villagers sell a name tag for 20 emeralds as part of their trade.


To use a name tag, it must first be renamed with an anvil, costing 1 experience level.

If it is not renamed, it has no effect when used on a mob. After the name tag is renamed, the player can use it on a mob to give it the name given to the name tag from the anvil. Mobs and name tags can be renamed any number of times. Name tags with the same name are stackable.

Once a mob is named, it keeps its name and the name tag disappears. (A named silverfish that goes into a block appears to lose its name because it is replaced by a newly-generated un-named silverfish when the block is broken.)

A baby (animal or villager) keeps its name when becoming an adult. A named villager keeps its name when transformed to a zombie villager, and a named zombie villager keeps its name when cured.

When a mob is named, it does not count toward the according mob cap.


Any mob can be named except for the ender dragon and players.

A name tag can rename an armor stand, though it does not show the nameplate above its head until CustomNameVisible:1b is set as an extra step.

Using a name tag on a villager renames the villager instead of opening the trading interface. A saddled pig is renamed instead of being ridden. Using a name tag on any other mob that can be interacted with performs the use action instead of being named. These mobs can be renamed if the player uses the name tag while crouching or standing in a nether portal, because the portal suppresses the use action.


Renamed mobs have their name displayed over their head in the fashion as a mob named through a renamed spawn egg. Their names can be seen only if they are aimed at from four or fewer blocks away.

Mobs that are named using the name tag also never despawn in the world, similar to tamed mobs.[2] The exceptions are wandering traders or if the mob is hostile and the difficulty is switched to "Peaceful".

If a renamed mob kills a player, the custom name is used in the death message in place of the mob type name.

A renamed wither also has a renamed health bar.

Easter eggs[edit]

  • Any mob that receives the name "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" is rendered upside down.
  • Naming a sheep "jeb_" causes its wool to fade between the dye colors, producing a rainbow effect. The wool that drops when the sheep is sheared or killed is the original color of the sheep before the sheep was named.
  • Naming a rabbit "Toast" causes it to have a special memorial skin.
  • Naming a vindicator "Johnny" causes it to be aggressive with all mobs (except other illagers).



Java Edition
1.6.113w16bName Tag Revision 1.png Added name tags. They can now be found in dungeon chests.
13w25aA mob named "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" now renders upside down.
1.7.213w36aName tags can now rarely be acquired by fishing, making them renewable.
1.7.413w48bA sheep named "jeb_" now fades between the dye colors.
1.814w02aName tags can now be bought from librarian villagers, at 20–22 emeralds for 1 name tag.
14w27aRabbits have been added and naming one "Toast" gives it a special memorial skin.
1.915w44aAdded name tags to mineshaft chests.
The average yield of name tags in dungeon chests has been decreased.
1.1116w39aName tags can now be found in the new woodland mansion chests.
1.1317w47aPrior to The Flattening, this item's numeral ID was 421.
1.1418w43aName Tag.png The texture of name tags has been changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.15.0build 1Name Tag Revision 1.png Added name tags, and a new "Name" Interact button.
A mob named "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" renders upside down.
A sheep named "jeb_" fades between the dye colors.
Naming a rabbit "Toast" gives it a special memorial skin.
Pocket Edition
1.0.4alpha tags can now be bought from librarian villagers for 20-22 emeralds as their last tier trade.
1.1.0alpha a vindicator "Johnny" now makes it hostile to any mob, except other illagers.
Name tags can now be found in woodland mansions.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta tags can now be found in buried treasure chests.
1.10.0beta Tag.png The texture of name tags has been changed.
1.11.0beta tags sold by librarian villagers now cost 20 emeralds.
Legacy Console Edition
TU19CU71.12Patch 1Name Tag Revision 1.png Added name tags.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.90Name Tag.png The texture of name tags has been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Name Tag Revision 1.png Added name tags.


Issues relating to "Name Tag" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • Name tags were added at the request of Paulsoaresjr.[3][4]
  • A stack of up to 64 name tags can be renamed at once. The cost is 1 experience level per stack, regardless of how many name tags were stacked.
  • To name a mob “Name Tag” the player must give the name tag a random name, then rename it back to “Name Tag”.
  • A Villager with a name tag turned into a zombie by a zombie with a name tag does not despawn, but a villager with a name tag turned into a zombie by a zombie without a name tag does despawn.


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