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Muddy Pig
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Health points





Height: 0.9 blocks (excluding flower)
Width: 0.9 blocks

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"The Muddy Pig is a mud bath connoisseur. You wouldn't know it at first glance, but they have a great sense of style, too."

Player Journal description

The Muddy Pig is a passive mob that serve as a muddy variant of the pig. Muddy pigs are also an epic rarity.


Players have a possibility to obtain the Muddy Pig by tapping a regular pig as they tap they have a chance to see blue then purple sparks from the it. The pig then executes a backflip with purple sparks, and there, the player receives a muddy pig.


Similar to the regular pig, they have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly and avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause any fall damage.

If a muddy pig is in its dry state, it searches for mud. If it finds mud, it jumps into the mud and roll around until it regains its muddy appearance.


  • The Muddy Pig is the only current mob variant with an epic rarity, making it considerably rare to get from pig tappables
  • The Muddy Pig is the only mob variant where upon obtaining, the tappable does a unique animation making it the only mob variant with two signs that makes it unique, with one being its rarity.


Minecraft Earth
0.1.0Added more animations to muddy pigs.
0.3.0The animations of muddy pigs have now been tweaked.