Mossy cobblestone boulder

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Mossy cobblestone boulder
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Giant Tree Taiga

Consists of

Mossy cobblestone boulders are tiny structures commonly found throughout giant tree taigas.


These structures are meant to represent boulders, made entirely of mossy cobblestone. The arrangement of these structures varies greatly. They can be found dotted around areas of the giant tree taiga biome. Mossy cobblestone boulders are quite rare, due to the giant tree taiga biome's rarity.


Mossy cobblestone boulders represent fairly large rocks, varying in size and usually half-buried in the ground. Their shape usually shares characteristics overall, however some are slightly smaller or larger depending on generation, and whether or not it becomes joined with a nearby boulder. Each face tends to have a cross shape or square shape, possibly missing a corner or two.

Data values[edit]


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Java Edition
1.7.213w36aAdded mossy cobblestone boulders.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.0build 1Added mossy cobblestone boulders.