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Health points





Height: 1.4 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks

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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
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’’The moobloom is a beautiful cow adorning itself with yellow scented flowers. You can shear and if you're lucky you might find a beautiful new buttercup.’’

Player Journal Description

The Moobloom is a buttercup-covered variant of the mooshroom found only in Minecraft Earth. It is a rare drop of cow tappables. Mooblooms are like mooshrooms except yellow and sprout buttercups instead of mushrooms.


Mooblooms leave a trail of yellow flowers as they walk, with each flower they plant having an 80% chance of being a dandelion, or a 20% chance of being a sunflower. Otherwise, mooblooms mostly have the same AI behavior as mooshrooms. They wander aimlessly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage.


A moobloom can be sheared for 1 buttercup.

A moobloom can be milked with a bucket, producing a normal milk bucket, the same as from milking a cow.


Just like a normal cow, the Moobloom's drops when killed are the same: