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Current status

Active is Mojang Studios's official website. It contains a blog and information hub about their games, including the clothing produced by J!NX. The website served as an official outlet for updates regarding Minecraft until December 8, 2016.[1] As of December 8, 2016, is now the official source of Minecraft news. Since the announcement of the move to, no further posts have been made to the site. It is run by Jeb, Carl and Kappische, however Jeb and Notch still maintain their own blogs related to Minecraft, such as The Word of Notch.

Previously, the site was largely a placeholder, with a short biography and links to Notch's other game projects. Around the same time as the new Mojang Studios logo was put in place, it was transformed into a full site to showcase the company.

For unknown reasons, the base domain ( and its subpages now redirect to[2]