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Twilight Forest
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The Twilight Forest is a mod that adds a new Dimension and many mobs. As the name may suggest, the dimension is filled with dense forests. It contains seven bosses, each with its own structure.

This mod also has an official wiki that contains more updated information.

The Twilight Forest Portal[edit]

Here's how you can create a portal to the dimension in the mod.

First layer[edit]

Second layer[edit]

Third layer[edit]

Specific Instructions: Dig a 2 by 2 hole in the ground (with dirt underneath) and fill with water. Then surround it with any flowers, mushrooms or ferns, then throw in a diamond. Eventually, there should be a lightning strike, then you get an achievement and you can enter into the twilight forest!

  • 4 flowers in the corners are not required. just like nether portal.


The mod has lots of mobs, mostly fairytale mystical-inspired mobs.

Passive Mobs[edit]

Passive mobs never attack the player and may be able to be bred.

Wild Deer[edit]

Health points




Wild Deer are passive mobs in the Twilight Forest mod. The Deer are mostly seen in clearings, although they actually spawn in the Twilight Forest. They are the Twilight equivalent of cows, as they also drop leather when killed. Unlike cows, they drop raw venison when killed (venison steak if killed by fire), instead of raw beef.

Bighorn Sheep[edit]

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep.jpeg
Health points




Bighorn Sheep are the Twilight equivalent of sheep in the Overworld. They act like sheep and can be bred with wheat. They can spawn in any of the 16 colors, most commonly brown, and rarely white. They can be sheared or killed to obtain their wool.

Wild Boar[edit]

Health points




Wild Boar are the Twilight equivalent of pigs. They act like pigs, and even though they have tusks, they are passive mobs.

Dwarf Rabbit[edit]

Upload Bunny.png
Health points




Dwarf Rabbits are passive mobs. They can't be bred, and do not drop anything when killed.


Upload Bird.png
Health points



Nearly Anywhere in the Twilight Forest Dimension.

Birds are Passive Mobs. They will Follow Players holding Seeds, but Can't be Bred. When killed, they will drop feathers.


Upload Squirrel.png
Health points




Squirrels are passive mobs. They don't drop anything when killed. They're attracted to seeds, but can't be bred.


Upload Raven.png
Health points



Anywhere in the Twilight Forest Dimension

Ravens are passive mobs. When killed, they can drop a raven's feather.


The Questing Ram

This is a peaceful mob found in the enchanted forest inside the quest grove. All you need to do is right click on it with every color of (vanilla) wool in the game, then he will drop many rare blocks in the game, like an iron, gold, diamond, emerald and lapis block along with the crumble horn and ore magnets. Also, in the grove there is hidden dispenser with a few colors to start you off with. This is rare structure, in a rare biome. A great place to get wool is in the dimension itself, because it spawns bighorn sheep.

Hostile [more information needed][edit]


Upload Minotaur.png
Health points

30♥ × 15

Attack strength




Minotaurs are hostile mobs found in labyrinths. When killed, they will drop raw meef (meef steak if killed by fire), and will rarely drop a golden axe.


Minotaurs, like their name, look like Minotaurs. Minotaur is Greek Mythology. The "-taur" comes from the Greek "ταύρος", meaning "bull". They have a cow head, with red eyes, and twisted horns. They have a chest, and cow legs and feet. They have the same AI as the Minoshroom.

Mosquito Swarm[edit]

Mosquito Swarm
Upload Mosquito Swarm.png
Health points

13♥ × 6.5 in older versions,12♥ × 6in newer versions+ 4 (?) seconds of hunger.

Attack strength

2♥ [verify]


Twilight Swamp

Mosquito Swarms are hostile mobs that are found commonly in twilight swamps. They make a loud mosquito "bzzzzzzz" sound when players are near. Despite their name, mosquito swarms don't fly.


Mosquito Swarms appear to be a small cloud of small black pellets,as if those were the "mosquitoes".They wander all around the swamp.



Upload Ur-ghast.png
Health points

250♥ × 125

Attack strength

Fireball=16♥ × 8 Tear=3♥♥


The dark tower

The Ur-ghast is a giant ghast. It is really big. It can shoot 3 fireballs at one time and if you damage it enough it will start to drop Ghast Tear projectiles. When killed it will drop some Fiery Blood, An Ur-Ghast Trophy, and some carminite.


Health points

Easy=150♥ × 75 Normal= 200♥ × 100 Hard= 250♥ × 125


The Naga Courtyard

The Naga lives in the Naga Courtyard. The Naga has ten segments, counting its head. Each time it loses a couple of health points, it loses a segment. And with each segment lost it becomes quicker.


The Naga looks like a green block snake, with red eyes, and scales.


Twilight Lich
Health points

100♥ × 50

Attack strength

Enderpearl=6♥♥♥ Fireball= Explosion Power=2, Maximum Damage=23♥ × 11.5 [verify]


The Lich Tower

The Lich lives in a lich tower. The lich looks like a king skeleton and can summon zombies. People say he (?) is a former wizard.


The lich has 5 rotating shields around him. The lich and his minions (look exactly like him, except blackish shadowish) can both shoot ender pearls and fireballs; the fireballs explode.

The lich is invulnerable to anything, and is entirely resistant to knockback, as long as it has those shields. To destroy those shields, one must hit the ender pearls towards the lich. You must repeat this four more times to destroy all five shields.

Then, using the zombie scepter, it will summon zombies to attack. Once it runs out of zombies to summon (the scepter has 9 durability, having the ability to summon 9 loyal zombies[verify]), it will attack with a golden sword.


Twilight Hydra.png
Health points

360♥ × 180

Attack strength

All attacks are determined by amount of armor. Fire breath=4.5♥♥♥–9♥♥♥♥♥ + amount of fire damage. Bomb=3.5♥♥–9♥♥♥♥♥ Depending on how close. Bite=5.5♥♥♥–10♥♥♥♥♥


The Hydra Lair

The Hydra can be found in a unique, cracked open Hydra Lair in a swamp or fire swamp. The hydra appears as a massive creature, with two stumpy legs supporting a wide, scaly body. Multiple serpentine necks end in heads that bear a passing resemblance to that of the ender dragon. The entire creature is covered in blue-green and dark blue scales.


Upload Minoshroom.png
Health points

120♥ × 60

Attack strength

Melee=5♥♥♥ Charging=7♥♥♥♥ + possible fall damage


In its prison in the bottom of the Labyrinth

The Minoshroom is a mini-boss found lurking in its prison in the bottom of the Labyrinth. The minoshroom is a bizarre hybrid of a mooshroom and a minotaur. It is very strong, but only having 60 hearts, the minoshroom is quite easy to kill.


The Minoshroom looks like a mooshroom, but having a tall minotaur neck. The head looks like a minotaur, but with a red mushroom on top. It also has black eyes.


Fighting the minoshroom is hard, players are recommended to use a bow or other types of ranged attacks. The minoshroom has an attack range of an iron golem (3 blocks). The AI of the minoshroom is ingenious, walking near you, then doing a charging animation, ramming into you and throwing you into the air.

Snow Queen[edit]

The snow queen is found in the Aurora palace in the glacier biome at one of the towers. The palace is a maze which contains weapons, bows and other snow-themed items all with unique abilities in secret chests. She also has 125 hearts of health. when killed will drop the tri-bow as well as a trophy, and other items. This is one of the harder bosses in the mod so players must follow the mods order.

 She sits on top of an ice boulder, which additionally acts as a shield. She wears a crown, blue clothes with purple hair and blue pale skin too.
 To attack this boss, you will need a range weapon and a melee weapon, as when she is flying in the sky, you must use a bow, and when she's on the ground you can attack her with a sword. The snow queen has two battle phases, one where she will summon many ice crystals, to distract you so she can regenerate her health, and two is where she shoots out ice/snow from her arms but usually when she is lower on health.


The world is full of biomes to give players adventure to the fullest.

Twilight Forest Biome[edit]

The Twilight Forest is a large forest filled with canopy trees usually 20–24 blocks tall and “twilight oaks" that can range from 50 to 100 blocks tall.


DENSE Twilight Forest Biome[edit]

The DENSE Twilight Forest is a denser version of the above: trees so thick that you can walk on them. Usually they have a lot of vegetation, such as bushes (made out of leaves).

Twilight Swamp[edit]

The Twilight Swamp features mangrove trees with vines growing on them. A mangrove tree looks similar to an acacia [verify] tree. Many mosquitoes swarm the area. Underneath the swamps, there are labyrinths, where the Minoshroom is found.


A Clearing is like the plains, a mesa, etc. There is not many trees there, making it a good refuge from getting lost in the forest. There is also lots of grass and flowers. Rumors say they are the main place to find labyrinths.

Dark Forest[edit]

The Dark Forest is a scary place. “Darkwood trees" leave the entire place as dark as being underground. Strangely, ponds and (much less commonly) lava pools generate above the trees. The leaves don't get burnt by the lava pools. Mobs found here include zombies, skeletons, skeletal druids, mist wolves, and king spiders.

Enchanted Forest[edit]

The Enchanted Forest is a beautiful place with rainbow trees, ever changing colors, and the only biome where you can find the Quest Ram. Finding both the rare enchanted forest and the even rarer Quest Ram is very lucky!


Glaciers are huge areas with huge slabs of ice, hundreds of blocks high, long, and wide. Lots of penguins are found here. They also have what is called an Aurora Borealis that is nice looking.

Snowy Forest[edit]

A forest similar to the snowy taiga biome. Yetis are swarmed all over mainly in the Yeti Cave, where the Alpha Yeti is located.

Mushroom Forest[edit]

The Mushroom Forest, initially called Mushrooms, is a biome added by Twilight Forest. It is similar to the Twilight Forest biome, though it has scattered Giant Mushrooms. It can only be found in the Twilight Forest dimension.

Deep Mushroom Forest[edit]

The Deep Mushroom Forest, initially named Lots of Mushrooms, is a biome added by Twilight Forest. This biome is usually surrounded by a Mushroom Forest biome. It is different but similar to the Mushrooms biome in that its grass is greener and there are next to zero real trees. It contains flowers as well as gigantic mushrooms. This is the only biome in which the Mushroom Castle can be found.