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Valkyrie Queen
Valkyrie Queen.png
Health points

The Valkyrie queen is the boss in Silver Dungeons. To fight her, you must give her 10 victory medallions and right click on her. Then, you will be able to strike. Like normal Valkyries, she can teleport behind you and hit very hard. She sends out ice entities, that look alike to those in the gold dungeon, that explode (sometimes in your face). Dart shooters and bows are recommended to kill the Valkyrie queen. Upon death, she will drop a golden sword and a silver key. You can open a locked chest by right clicking on it with the silver key. What you can find in the chest is holy swords, lightning swords, pieces of Neptune armor and the Regeneration Stone. Also, a good idea is to get her stuck behind some rocks, or Gravitite ores, then hit her repeatedly until she dies.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Advancement-plain-raw.pnglink= class=pixel-image Dethroned Defeat the silver boss Hostile Paradise Defeat a Valkyrie Queen.