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Holy stone replaces stone in The Aether.

Mossy holystone[edit]

Mossy holystone is found in the entrances of bronze dungeons.


Unlike glowstone, which melts ice into water, icestone freezes water into ice.

Gravitite & Zanite[edit]

Zanite blocks are made with 4 zanite gems in the crafting table in a square.

Gravitite blocks (known in-game as Enchanted Gravitite) are made by smelting Gravitite Ore with an Altar, and are used to create Gravitite tools and armor.

Dungeon stones[edit]

Dungeon stones can only be broken once the boss is defeated

Carved stone[edit]

Carved stone is found in Bronze dungeons.

Angelic Stone[edit]

Carved stone is found in Silver dungeons.

Hellfire stone[edit]

Carved stone is found in Gold dungeons.