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Skyroot Leaves
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Skyroot Leaves




Blast Resistance









Yes, 64



Skyroot Leaves are a type of block. They are abundant in normally generated maps, appearing on every Skyroot Tree, and they are a Renewable resource. Each individual leaf block will use the same texture on all six sides.

They are often used in making plants, foliage, and tree houses. Skyroot Leaf blocks are very weak, can be easily destroyed by hitting them with any tool, are extremely vulnerable to explosions and are highly flammable. It is possible, but extremely unlikely for a Skyroot Leaf block to stay on fire forever after catching on fire.

Destroying Skyroot leaves yields Skyroot Saplings 6.25% (1/16) of the time which can be planted by the player in order to grow new trees.

Leaves can be collected using Shears. Using shears collects the leaves with a single click (unless you are in air and/or underwater, which will make them almost instant to harvest using shears yet not as fast), making it faster than the sword. Natural Skyroot Leaf blocks can be up to four blocks away from a Skyroot log block and not disappear.

Skyroot Leaves can be destroyed faster than with your hands or any other tool aside from shears by using a sword, though swords lose double normal durability when used on leaves.