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Mods/The Aether/Silver Dungeon

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The Silver Dungeon is the 'second' dungeon from the Aether Collaboration. It appears within floating Parthenons in the Aether, surrounded by many Cold Aerclouds at the base. The building consists of a few floors joined by staircases, each floor with a few rooms. A lot of these rooms have small pedestals in them which contain chests. The boss room is larger and has two golden oaks, a throne, 2 pools of water and some glowstone in it.


The silver dungeon is home to two mobs. The dungeon is mainly populated by Valkyries. They spawn randomly in the dungeon's rooms. You can speak with them by right clicking them. Right clicking them with victory medals will give you different dialogues. Valkyries won't attack the player until harmed. They attack with a sword, and are capable of teleporting and can descend slowly. Killing them yields a victory medal. The other mob is called a Mimic. Mimics are fake chests that spawn in dungeons that will attack the player when right-clicked. Killing Mimics yields empty Chests.


The boss of the Silver dungeon is a Valkyrie with silver hair and a gold sword. It will refuse to fight until it is shown 10 Victory Medals. The boss cannot be harmed until you right click it with a stack of 10 Victory Medals. It will then allow you to make the first strike. Like normal Valkyries, the boss is capable of teleporting. It also is able to shoot thunder balls that will strike lightning onto you if you touch one. Its melee attack is a powerful sword slash which is particularly effective against armor from the surface world, so using Zanite or Gravitite armor is a prudent strategy. The boss can be harmed by any weapon, but it will teleport every time it takes damage from fire, poison, or lightning. Killing the boss gives you a gold sword and a silver key.


Once the boss has been killed, a part of the floor near the boss's throne will open up, revealing a hidden room with a locked chest in it. The whole dungeon becomes mineable as well, allowing players to reach rooms that were previously blocked.

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