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Health points

20♥ × 10


The Aether

Sheepuffs are a passive mob in the Aether mod. They are very similar to normal Sheep found on the Surface, though they grow double the amount of wool. When Sheepuffs have a fully grown coat of wool, their jumps become very high, and in mid-air they will "puff-up" and start to fall very slowly. When some of their wool is removed using shears, their physics become the same as those of normal Sheep. Sheepuffs always yield only one block of wool when killed.

|id=? |drops=Wool (1) upon death
Wool (2-4) when sheared.


Sheepuffs (when sheared) drop up to 4 wool, while normal sheep drop 3. This makes it easier to obtain large amounts of wool, but Sheepuffs are much harder to control. They often eat up a lot of grass, and may fly out of poorly-made farms. Therefore, walls (preferably transparent) and a roof are required to properly contain Sheepuffs.

Sheepuffs will breed just like any Overworld animal, and will produce babies that look and behave like an ordinary animal baby- the only difference is that occasionally, baby Sheepuffs will fly into the air and gingerly float down.


  • When a Sheepuff has been standing on a grass block for too long, the grass will disappear.
  • If a Sheepuff with a fully grown coat of wool is in the air, it cannot move. However, if it jumped while moving, it will keep moving in that direction until stopping by itself, possibly falling off islands.
  • The Sheepuffs sometimes spawn naturally with lime, red, pink, cyan, and light blue wool.