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Detonation Sentry

Carved Stone

Health points



Light level of 7, Slider's Dungeon.

The Sentry is an aggressive mob inside Bronze Dungeons, which will spawn when you step on a Booby Trap (Booby Traps look exactly the same as the other blocks). Upon spawning it will follow the player and explode. When exploding the player takes some damage and is launched pretty far, thus dishing out fall damage. It should be noted that a sentry hops in the same manner as swets and slimes, though in appearance it closer resembles the lightstones of bronze dungeons. Sentries are also known as Sentinels. A good tip to prevent them spawning is when you beat the Slider Boss, destroy the blocks in a room with a chest. The Booby Traps WILL be indestructible (acts like Bedrock)They are generally found in the corner,one block from each wall.