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Mods/The Aether/Poison Dart

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Poison Dart
Poison Dart (The Aether).png
Poison Dart







Yes, 64

Data value

dec: 172641 hex: 43701 bin: 1000011011100001

Poison darts are ammunition for the dart shooter. If you are poisoned, you can cure yourself with a remedy bucket.


Poison darts are created from 8 golden darts and a poison bucket, which gives you 8 poison darts.

Ingredients Input » Output
Golden Dart,
Poison Bucket
Golden DartGolden DartGolden DartGolden DartPoison BucketGolden DartGolden DartGolden DartGolden Dart
Poison Dart8


Poison darts cause 1 (Poisoned Half Heart.svg) of poison to hit every 2.5 seconds, and for 25 sec (Poisoned Heart.svg × 5.5).

Poison cannot be used on the following entities:

All other entities within the game are affected by poison.