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Health points


The Aether, on Aether Grass


Raw Porkchop (0-2) upon death
Feather (0-2) upon death



Internal ID


Namespaced ID


The Phyg is a passive mob in the Aether mod.

Phygs are pigs with foldable wings, but despite them, they're unable to fly naturally. They will glide if falling and take no fall damage. Like Pigs, you can use a Saddle on them to tame them, but you are able to fully control them, unlike the random behavior of Pigs. Phygs spawn on Peaceful difficulty and, if tamed, are an excellent way of transportation around the Aether thanks to their gliding abilities and very high jump, particularly with Blue Aercloud jumps. In addition, Phygs are generally more reliable than bred Moas, although without extra midair boosts.

When the player first rides a Phyg, the Aether achievement "When Phygs Fly" is unlocked.

Phygs drop Feathers and/or Raw Porkchops upon death.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Advancement-plain-raw.png When phygs fly! Fly on a phyg Hostile Paradise Ride a saddled phyg.