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Moa Eggs
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Blue Moa EggWhite Moa EggBlack Moa Egg





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Moa eggs are eggs that are laid by Moas, which are a type of bird found in the Aether that is closely related to the dangerous cockatrice. Moa Eggs come in blue, white, and black varieties, with blue being the most common, and black being the rarest.[1]

Eggs are laid by moas, which lay their eggs in the same random timeframe to that of chickens. Blue moa eggs are randomly found in chests throughout silver dungeons. The white and black moa eggs are only obtained from white and black moas themselves.


Moa eggs are used to obtain a baby moa, which can be raised in to a tame moa that you can use as a mount to fly.

Use in growing[edit]

An egg is grown with an ambrosium torch in an incubator
An incubator being used to grow an egg

Moa eggs can be hatched into baby Moas by using an incubator. Baby Moas end up being the same color as the egg that they hatch from. Tamed Moas can be very useful as they can run very fast and fly.