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Mods/The Aether/Dungeon Rewards

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Name Description Found in
Invisibility cloak The Invisibility cloak is a cape that may be worn to make the player invisible to mobs. However, attacking or using items will briefly lift the cloak, and mobs will see and track the player as normal. Silver dungeon
Agility cape Allows you walk over 1 block high ledges without jumping, and is useful for early players who don't yet have a moa. Bronze dungeon
Swet cape An aesthetic cape with a picture of a swet on it. Bronze dungeon


Name Description Found in
Sentry boots Prevents you from being pushed around by gusts from zephyrs. Bronze
Neptune armor A full set of this armor will allow the player to swim faster & not drown underwater. Bronze Silver and gold dungeon
Phoenix armor The description of the armor from the Book of Lore says that the armor prevents lava and fire damage and is weak to water but that it has a secret. (That secret is; when you have it equipped in the normal world and it rains, or if you submerge yourself in water, it changes into obsidian armor) Gold dungeon
Obsidian armor A "cooled" version of Phoenix Armor that provides incredible protection but will slow you down. Gold dungeon


Name Description Found in
Valkyrie lance The Valkyrie Lance is a strong weapon with extended reach. It allows you to target up to 10 blocks ahead and deals 5.5 damage but, perhaps due to a bug, you can only hit enemies at normal range. Bronze dungeon
Vampire blade The Vampire Blade is as strong as a Diamond Sword and heals the user when they strike an enemy. Gold dungeon
Phoenix bow The Phoenix Bow fires flaming arrows when used. Bronze dungeon
Cloud staff Can summon 2 mini-zephyrs that shoot ice balls at anything you attack. Gold dungeon
Lightning knives Can be thrown at enemies. Lightning will strike what ever they hit. Can be stacked to 16, but can be found in dungeons in stacks higher than 16. Bronze dungeon
Candy sword This novelty sword cannot be crafted. Dungeon chests/presents

Elemental Swords[edit]

Name Description Found in
Flaming sword A strong sword that sets the enemy ablaze when striked. Bronze dungeon
Lightning sword A strong sword that strikes lightning on those you hit. Charges creepers! You have been warned! Silver dungeon
Holy sword A sword that does more damage to undead enemies. Silver dungeon


Name Description Found in
Golden feather The Golden Feather is an accessory that allows the player to float slowly when falling. This also prevents fall damage for the player. Silver dungeon
Hammer of Notch A strong hammer with a special ability that sends a projectile that pushes any NPC it comes in contact with, and damaging them as well. It deals 4.5 damage by melee and 2.5 by projectile. It has a total of 251 uses. All Dungeons


Name Description Found in
Shield of repulsion When equipped, all projectiles will bounce off you while you are standing still at the slight cost of visibility. All Dungeons

Misc / Not Catagoried[edit]

Name Description Found in
Gummie swets (gold & blue) Stackable source of food that heals the player. All Dungeons
Regeneration Stone The Regeneration Stone is an accessory that heals the user over time. Silver dungeon
Iron bubble The Iron Bubble is an accessory that prevents drowning underwater. Gold dungeon
Life shard A very rare item that adds an extra heart to the maximum health of the player. Gold dungeon
Pig slayer An infinite use weapon that 1-hits pigs and pigmen. Gold dungeon
Sun altar Gives you to control over the sun in the Aether realm. Gold dungeon