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Mods/The Aether/Golden Parachute

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Golden Parachute
Golden Parachute (The Aether).png
Golden Parachute








Data value

dec: 17297 hex: 4391 bin: 100001110010001

Golden parachutes protect you from falling to your death, but unlike cloud parachutes, golden parachutes can be used multiple times.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Input » Output
Gold Aercloud
Gold AercloudGold Aercloud
Gold AercloudGold Aercloud

Golden Parachute

Use[edit | edit source]

Golden parachutes are used while you are in the air, and allow you float down to a certain area. If you fall from the Aether, the parachute is used to prevent you from falling to your death, and the parachute receives some damage. You can use a golden parachute for 20 occasions, before it's completely used up.