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{{Entity |title=Flying Cow |health={{hp|20|9px}} |image=Flying_Cow.png |spawn=[[Mods/The Aether|The Aether]] |id=? |drops={{ItemLink|Leather}} (1-3) upon death<br>{{ItemLink|Raw Beef}} (1-3) upon death. }} The Flying Cow is a new mob in the Aether Mod that is a cow with the ability to fly and were added in the update [[Aether 1.02]] along with [[Mods/The Aether/Aerbunny|Aerbunny]] and the [[Mods/The Aether/Whirlwind|Whirlwind]]. Flying cows drop leather and raw beef when killed, and with the addition of Aerbunnies (which drop string), one can craft saddles in the Aether (the Aether mod adds a crafting recipe for saddles). They can also be bred with wheat, producing a baby Flying Cow.Flying Cow.png


  • Flying Cows were probably inspired by the Phyg, a pig with the ability to fly.
  • Flying cows may be saddled using a saddle as easy transportation through the Aether.
  • Baby Flying Cows can't be saddled or ridden.