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Flying Cow
Flying Cow.png
Health points

20♥ × 10


The Aether


Leather (1-3) upon death
Raw Beef (1-3) upon death.

Internal ID


Namespaced ID


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The Flying Cow is a new mob in the Aether Mod that is a cow with the ability to fly and were added in the update Aether 1.02 along with Aerbunny and the Whirlwind. Flying cows drop leather and raw beef when killed, and with the addition of Aerbunnies (which drop string), one can craft saddles in the Aether (the Aether mod adds a crafting recipe for saddles). They can also be bred with wheat, producing a baby Flying Cow.


  • Flying Cows were probably inspired by the Phyg, a pig with the ability to fly.
  • Flying cows may be saddled using a saddle as easy transportation through the Aether.
  • Baby Flying Cows can't be saddled or ridden.