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Ingredients Input » Output

Leather Gloves
Iron Ingot

Iron Gloves
Gold Ingot

Gold Gloves

Diamond Gloves
Zanite Gemstone
Zanite Gemstone
Zanite Gemstone

Zanite Gloves
Enchanted Gravitite
Enchanted Gravitite
Enchanted Gravitite

Gravitite Gloves

Phoenix Gloves[edit]

Phoenix Gloves can be found in Gold Dungeon chests after killing the Sun Spirit. They are considered the finishing touches of Phoenix armor. However, these gloves hold a secret: If they are worn in water, they morph into Obsidian Gloves.

Obsidian Gloves[edit]

If you wear Phoenix Gloves in water, you get the indeed very strong Obsidian Gloves. Rumor has it these were ancient and water elementals and fire elementals battle in between these powerful gloves.

Neptune Gloves[edit]

Neptune gloves is a reward from all dungeons.This is a part of a Neptune armor.Full set of this armor will allow the player to swim faster & not drown underwater.