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Offsets shown are relative to the header or chunk. For example, the absolute offset of the length of the first chunk will be 8, because the header chunk has a length of 8 and the offset of the first chunk's length from the header chunk is 0.


Offset Length (bytes) Value Purpose
0 8 0x47554E32 Denotes the file as a GUN2 file


Offset Length (bytes) Value Purpose
0 8 Variable The number of subchunks in the chunk.
8 Variable Variable Subchunks.


Offset Length (bytes) Value Purpose
0 Variable Variable A string identifier of the subchunk. Value is determined as all the bytes from the indicated offset to the first newline character (ASCII decimal value 10).
Length of string identifier 8 Variable The length of the data of the subchunk.
8 + Length of string identifier Variable Variable The data of the subchunk.

Subchunk type String identifier Data
Class Name of the Java class. Bytes of the Java class file.
Resources Name of the resource Bytes of the resource file (format of file variable, i.e. .png, .ogg, .jpg, etc.)
Properties Name of the property Bytes of the property