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Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Iron Nuggets Iron Used in Thaumcraft crafting recipes
Iron Cap Iron Nuggets
Iron NuggetIron NuggetIron NuggetIron NuggetIron Nugget
Iron Cap
The most basic pair of caps in Thaumcraft
Iron Capped Wooden Wand Stick + Iron Caps
Iron CapIron Cap
Iron Capped Wooden Wand
The most basic wand in Thaumcraft
Table slabs + planks

Tables are used to make the Research Table and Arcane Worktable
Scribing Tools glass bottle/Phial + feather + ink sac
Glass Phial
Scribing Tools
Used to write on research notes
Thaumometer All 6 Shards + gold ingot + glass
Water ShardEarth ShardFire ShardAir ShardOrder ShardEntropy Shard
The Scanner