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These are the most available sources for the various aspects. Most items on this list are renewable, except for the following: quicksilver, flint, redstone (witches notwithstanding), soul sand, amber, glass and dirt. All entries except Vinculum contain at least one renewable object. Note that Tempestas has no item source without Natura, it can only be had from mana beans or ethereal essence. Italicized aspects have been removed in recent versions, and many items have changed their aspects in recent versions.

Bolded items are "perfect" sources, with no other aspects.

  • Aer: paper, sugarcane, feathers, many compounds
  • Alienis: ender pearls
  • Aqua: paper, sugarcane, clay, boats, Fresh water(pam's harvestcraft), ( Gelum, Victus, many others)
  • Arbor: nearly all wooden things, wood (silverwood and greatwood have other aspects as well).
  • Auram: beacon, silverwood logs, vishrooms, ethereal essence (in addition to their individual aspects)
  • Bestia: eggs, raw meat, string, spider eyes, leather and leather items, Humanus, Pannus
  • Cognitio: paper, zombie brains
  • Corpus: rotten flesh, all meat
  • Exanimis: zombie brains, ghast tears, (wither)skeleton heads
  • Fabrico: crafting tables, wool
  • Fames: melon slices, cooked food, wheat, pam's harvestcraft food, meat nuggets
  • Gelum: snowballs, snow blocks
  • Granum: seeds, eggs, saplings
  • Herba: (wheat) seeds, vines, paper, cactus, sugarcane, netherwart, mushrooms, other plants, Arbor
  • Humanus: (mob)heads, rotten flesh, Fabrico, Instrumentum, Messis
  • Ignis: nether brick, netherrack, (char)coal, gunpowder, blaze rods, "blaze dust", Potentia, many other compounds
  • Instrumentum: axes, shovels, flint, Fabrico, Pannus, Tutamen
  • Iter: boats, ender pearls, fence gates
  • Limus: tainted goo, slimeballs, eggs
  • Lucrum: gold swords, gold armor, gold ingots, silver ingots, emeralds
  • Lux: torches, glowstone dust
  • Machina: wood buttons, redstone, pistons, levers
  • Messis: pumpkins, wheat, carrots, potatoes
  • Metallum: metallic loot, quicksilver, quicksilver drop, (thermal expansion)metal nuggets & ore, iron nuggets, iron ingots
  • Meto: hoes, shears
  • Mortuus: bones, (mob)heads, Corpus, Spiritus
  • Motus: trapdoors, pistons, rubber bar(Minefactory Reloaded) Bestia, Iter, Machina, Volatus
  • Ordo: chiseled stone bricks, pipe sealant(BC transport), Motus, Instrumentum, Vitreus, Potentia, etc.
  • Pannus: string, bow, wool, leather items
  • Perditio: cobblestone (tip: make it into stairs first), cactus, gunpowder, Gelum, Mortuus, Telum, Vitium (and others)
  • Perfodio: picks
  • Permutatio: quicksilver, hoppers, droppers, cotton/barley seeds(Natura)
  • Potentia: (char)coal, redstone dust/ore, Praecantatio
  • Praecantatio: nether warts, blaze rods, potions, Magic Tallow, vishrooms, Vitium
  • Sano: healing/regen potions, Fresh milk(pam's harvestcraft), Triple Meat Treat
  • Saxum: cobblestone, flint
  • Sensus: ender pearls, cocoa beans, cactus green, ink, most other dyes, carrots, glowstone dust
  • Spiritus: ghast tears, soul sand, all heads/skulls, Sensus, Cognitio
  • Telum: arrows, swords, bows
  • Tenebrae: mushrooms, obsidian, end stone
  • Tempestas: Clouds (Natura)
  • Terra: dirt, gravel, stone, potatoes, many others. Herba, Victus, Saxum, many others.
  • Tutamen: leather, all armor, defensive potions
  • Vacuos: bowls, chests, glass bottle & glass phial, Praecantatio
  • Venenum: spider eyes, quicksilver, poisonous potatoes
  • Victus: raw meat, eggs, flowers, Bestia, Herba, Mortuus, Spiritus, Fames
  • Vinculum: amber, soul sand
  • Vitium: tainted goo, tainted tendril, tainted soil/logs(Silk Touch)
  • Vitreus: glass, emeralds, diamond, nether quartz, amber, glass bottle
  • Volatus: feathers, bows, sky berry(Natura), clouds (Natura)