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Iron Cap
Iron Cap (Thaumcraft).png
Iron Cap





Yes (64)

Iron Cap is the starting cap in Thaumcraft.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Nugget
Iron NuggetIron NuggetIron NuggetIron NuggetIron Nugget
Iron Cap

As a crafting ingredient[edit]

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Cap +
Iron CapIron Cap
Iron Capped Wooden Wand

Research Detail[edit]

Basic Wandcraft[edit]

Your first tool
Note: This contais also some info on [[../Iron Capped Wooden Wand|Iron Capped Wooden Wand]]
The casting wand is your most basic but also your most important tool. It is what you use to craft objects, activate blocks like the crucible and countless other tasks. The most basic wand stores a very limited amount of magical energy (called vis) that it uses to perform its tasks. The replenish the energy in a wand, you must right-click and hold to draw vis from an aura node. While holding a wand you will see a indicator on the top left of the screen that shows how much vis is stored within the wand. Holding shift will display exact numbers held by the wand and any possible discounts you have to performing magical tasks. Wands are always contructed by the combination of a rod and two end caps. As you progress with your studies, you are sure you will discover different materials that you can use to craft rods and caps to make powerful wands. Only the basic wand can be put together in a normal crafting table. All other wands require the Arcane Workbench and will cost vis to construct. The basic wand is constructed from mundane wood and iron, both of which make poor materials for working magic.

Requered Research: (Starts off unlocked)
Aspects: (Starts off unlocked)