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Charged Thaumium Cap
Charged Thaumium Cap (Thaumcraft).gif
Charged Thaumium Cap

Wand Caps






Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 252672 hex: 62B32 bin: 1100010101100112



Charged Thaumium Cap is a wand cap in Thaumcraft. This wand cap is a charged version of Inert Thaumium Cap to make it functional.


Charged Thaumium Cap

Inert Thaumium Cap Salis Mundus Salis MundusSalis Mundus


Instability: Moderate

As a crafting ingredient[edit]

Research Detail[edit]

Thaumium Wand Caps[edit]

Mystical wand foci
Note: This contais also some info on Inert Silver Caps
Thaumium is known for it's ability to store and absorb magic, so using it to craft wand caps is a logical choice. It is very efficient at focusing vis of all types. Crafting these wand caps in an arcane worktable is not sufficient - they need to be infused with additional magic energy to make them usable.
Requered Research: Gold Wand Caps, Thaumium, Infusion
Aspects: Instrumentum, Metallum, Praecantatio