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Mods/Thaumcraft/Aspects/Aspect Combinations 4.2.2

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These are the aspect combinations as of version 4.2.2 of Thaumcraft. Starred aspects changed their composition in this version. Italicized sources are "perfect", containing only that aspect.

Aspect Keyword Component 1 Component 2 Sources and Notes
Aer air Primal tall plants (notably sugar cane), many compounds
Alienis eldritch Tenebrae Vacuos ender pearls
Aqua water Primal cactus, sugar cane, Gelum, Victus, Limus
Arbor tree Aer Herba logs (greatwood and silverwood are not perfect), any wooden items
Auram aura Aer Praecantatio ethereal essence
Bestia animal Motus Victus raw meat, eggs, spider eyes, Corpus, Humanus
Cognitio* mind Ignis Spiritus paper, zombie brains, Humanus, this aspect must first be found in paper in order to discover it
Corpus flesh Bestia Mortuus rotten flesh, all meat
Exanimis undead Motus Mortuus zombie brains, ghast tears
Fabrico craft, repair Humanus Instrumentum crafting tables, also cooked meats and wool
Fames hunger Vacuos Victus melon slices, meat nuggets, cooked food
Gelum cold, ice Ignis Perditio snowballs, snow blocks
Herba plant Terra Victus wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds, vines, nether wart, most plants, Arbor, Messis
Humanus human Bestia Cognitio rotten flesh, Fabrico, Instrumentum, Messis
Ignis fire Primal coal/charcoal, gunpowder, Cognito, Gelum, Potentia, Telum
Instrumentum tool Humanus Ordo flint, shovels, axes, several compounds
Iter travel Motus Terra boats, ender pearls
Limus slime Aqua Victus slimeballs, eggs, tainted goo
Lucrum greed, wealth Fames Humanus gold, emeralds, gold coins, gold items
Lux light Aer Ignis torches, Tenebrae
Machina machine, device Instrumentum Motus buttons, redstone, other devices
Messis crop Herba Humanus pumpkins, wheat, other crops
Metallum metal Terra Vitreus metal nuggets, metallic items.
Meto harvest Instrumentum Messis hoes
Mortuus death Perditio Victus bones, Corpus, Spiritus
Motus motion Aer Ordo trapdoors, Bestia, Machina, Volatus
Ordo order Primal silverwood logs, smooth sandstone, many compounds, esp. Instrumentum, Motus, Potentia
Pannus cloth Bestia Instrumentum string, wool, leather
Perditio chaos Primal cobblestone, cactus, gunpowder, Gelum, Mortuus, Vitium, etc.
Perfodio mining Humanus Terra pickaxes
Permutatio exchange Ordo Perditio quicksilver, droppers, dispensers
Potentia energy Ignis Ordo coal/charcoal, Praecantatio
Praecantatio magic Potentia Vacuos greatwood logs, silverwood logs, chiseled sandstone, nether wart, magical items
Sano healing Ordo Victus cake, healing potions, regeneration potions
Sensus senses Aer Spiritus most dyes, carrots, spider eye
Spiritus soul Mortuus Victus soul sand, ghast tears, Cognito, Sensus
Telum weapon Ignis Instrumentum arrows, weapons
Tempestas weather Aer Aqua Only available from mana beans or ethereal essence
Tenebrae darkness Lux Vacuos mushrooms, obsidian
Terra earth, ground Primal dirt, smooth stone, potatoes, cobblestone, many compounds esp. Victus
Tutamen armor Instrumentum Terra leather, armor
Vacuos void Aer Perditio wooden bowls, Fames, Praecantatio
Venenum poison Aqua Perditio quicksilver, spider eyes
Victus life Aqua Terra eggs, raw meat, Bestia, Fames, Herba, Mortuus. This is the Thaumonomicon's (necessary) example for combining research points.
Vinculum trap Motus Perditio soul sand, amber
Vitium taint Perditio Praecantatio tainted goo, taintacles
Vitreus crystal Ordo Terra glass, diamonds, emeralds, Metallum
Volatus flight Aer Motus feathers, bows